The dark clouds agathering

It’s been a dud summer in Sydney this year, the temperatures have been below average and more often than not big billious black clouds roll in from the north or south dumping rain in great heavy loads with deep grumbling thunder encompassing the sky.

I couldn’t draw a better analogy to my mind at the moment.

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  • Aw, well I’m sorry and I certainly understand as I am in A Bad Place myself right now, but I would LOVE IT if we here in Texas had a summer with temperatures below normal and lots of rain this year, after last summer’s bone-dry freaking INFERNO. But yes, it likely won’t help my mood any. And I reserve the right to complain about it.
    Kathy recently posted..The ramen diaries

    • There’s a guy from Austin staying with the guys next door – we were talking about that Horror Summer the other day.

  • I know nothing about your mind, but I’m loving this cooler, wetter summer.
    Yes, I said LOVING.
    I hate the heat…the best part of summer for me is walking into the airconditioning of the store I work at.
    river recently posted..on my way out to the washing line…..

    • Oh don’t get me wrong, if this summer had been the standard of high heat and humidity my mind would have snapped. Well and truly.

  • Sending you love, sweetheart. I’ve had a good run, the last little bit. But now I feel shit awhispering at my heels. xxx
    edenland recently posted..I Seen Better Days

  • Oh, really?
    Warm and wet over here. Nary a snowflake in sight – boring winter.
    No clue how that relates to my mental state.
    blackbird recently posted..missing

  • Paola

    We’ve had THE winter of the century here, snow (sorry Bb), ice, high winds, rain, you name it we had it all.