This week’s menu

I often post what we’re having for dinner in my Twitter feed and people seem interested (aren’t they polite!) so when Fiona from Inner Pickle asked what we’re having for dinner this week I thought I’d answer her.

Jeebus, can you tell my writing mojo is really struggling at the moment.

Sunday night had the boys (& M’s girlfriend) over for dinner. The boys of skate ramp fame. So I made a massive lasagne, it launched the week off nicely.

Monday: Left over lasagne
Tuesday: Thai pork salad, marinated chicken skewers
Wednesday: Oven fish & chips
Thursday: Sausages and salad
Friday: Stir fry chicken w/broccoli & snow peas

What are you having for dinner?

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  • It was going to be left over marinating chicken in a warm Chicken Salad however I’ve a hankering for Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni – would it be greedy to have both?!
    Jody Pearl recently posted..JaM – What’s your favourite Blog Post from the Past?!

  • trash

    Hahahaha… my sister and I always know when our mother is losing interest in the conversation bc she atrts in on what she is having/has had for dinner.

    Thanks for asking, last night we had sticky sweet chicken with noodles and broccoli.

  • Oooh lovely, eggplant curry with rice here. xx
    Amelia recently posted..Perspective

  • I just did a meal plan post too. A diet one. Would kill for a large slice of lasagne. xx
    Lucy recently posted..Week Two Diet Road Test Result…and a meal plan…

  • K is making Patty Melts. That would be a hamburger between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches.
    My mind REELS.
    We’ll see.
    blackbird recently posted..#14, heart

  • Linda

    i DREAM of being able to plan meals

    my meal planning goes something like this

    J will you be home for dinner tonight – response ‘yes’
    M will you be home for dinner tonight – reponse ‘no’
    H do you want to join us for dinner tonight – response ‘can i get back to you’
    (so i plan for me, him and J…maybe 3 steaks?)

    J – no change
    M – no change
    H – i am coming and can i bring ‘the hot date’
    (plan changes to 5 steaks)

    J – no change
    M – no change
    H – no change
    call from BIL to ask if he can sleep-over (travel issues)
    (plan changes to 6 steaks)

    5.30 – brain fart on my part – drop-in to shops on the way home from work and buy 3 kilos of chicken cutlets and rest of ingredients to make double batch of chicken pancetta thingy

    J – not home (forgot he had practice with the band)
    M – home + girlfriend (change of plans)
    H – home + the hot date
    BIL – home for meal and sleepover
    C – friend of J’s – not in the band – likes to drop in unnannounced for meals
    him and i – home

    8pm – serving up 8 meals – messy kitchen – happy times

    next day might just be the 2 of us!

  • My husband is an Italian Chef. Ooooohhhh everyone says, so eeennnvious! You must get lovely meals!

    Ever met a chef that was home for dinner? Ever met anyone who wants to bring work home?

    I’m having popcorn for dinner, thank you!
    Signe recently posted..Washing Windows

    • Exactly. Chefs cooking at home is as laughable as a builder living in a completed home.

  • Soy ginger tuna (from a can) stir fried with shredded carrot and spring onions, (I toss in a little extra grated ginger), served with steamed rice.
    river recently posted..on my way out to the washing line…..

  • Paola

    God I want to go over for dinner to you AND all of your commenters’ homes.