Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

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  • YOU DID IT. I am so glad … your handwriting looks EXACTLY like it’s yours. If that makes sense .. I love it.

    Last week my sister Leigh and I were talking about back-to-school shiz, she told me about your post with the McDonalds after the yelling. (I hadn’t read it yet)

    You are our sister too, my god we laughed Kimmers. Same same.

    edenland recently posted..Edenland Fresh Horses Brigade

  • I don’t dqare expose my awful scrawl on the web. I never did get the hang of writing neatly.
    I start off okay, but by the end of a paragraph it’s disintegrated to an illegible scribble.
    river recently posted..heavy-hearted reading vs. light-hearted cheer-me-ups

  • Paola

    I agree with Eden, your handwriting matches your persona perfectly.