I felt bad about how little we’d done these holidays and then the neighbours built a skate ramp

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  • Please can I bring Max and Rocco down for a visit, and they’ll accidentally have their scooters and helmets in the car?
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    • Absolutely. As one of the guys said to me on the weekend, ‘come on over anytime, we’re all about getting the grommets into skating dude, awesome.’

      I tell you, they rock my world these boys. There’s something so invigorating and energising about being around these guys at their age – I mean, they are in that complete selfish carefree time of their life and to see them work together to build this ramp – how they helped each other out, how comfortable they all are with each other (no bravado, no pecking order, no shit) and then, to see how they are with Oscar.

      They have just embraced him for who he is. When they were having their party the other night one of them said to me, ‘man, if I don’t get my 10 minutes of Oscar a day my day is just not right’.

      So yes, come on down. bring the boys, let the men hang with the boys and build that tribe.

  • Awesome!
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  • that totally rocks!
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