Lynda from Nuffnang kindly reminded me today that I needed to pick winners from my Hugo post.

So SuperSarah (first movie Top Gun, what’s not to love), Rakster (ET – a classic and what a standard to set for first movie), and Kay (her sister did calisthenics, I took pity), email me your postal details so they can get your passes out to you toot sweet.

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  • Susan, Mum to Molly

    Congrats to the winners.

    I’m on the cusp of taking my nine-year-old girl to see Hugo, but she’s not super excited…

    I really hope that she will love it once we get her there, but she is a bit of a fraidy-cat – are there many scary scenes Kim??


    • No, not at all. A bit of suspense w/ the station master and Hugo being an orphan and therefore the threat of being whisked off to the orphanage if caught. I hope she enjoys it.

  • grats! 🙂
    Dad Blog Tork recently posted..Celebrity Beard Stubble

  • kay

    Thank you for taking pity on me especially when I didn’t even MENTION the fact that I also had to attend every Saturday rehearsal with my sister – and this in the days well before electronic devices to keep the kidlets amused! So pleased that my suffering has finally been rewarded.

    But forgive me for being a lameass because I can’t actually find a way to email you from your blog….can you perhaps email me???

    Thanks, Kay