New Favourite

I can’t believe I wasn’t included in this. That’s it, I’m shutting my blog down. Blogging is so competitive these days. I’m not a mummy blogger. I mean, I’m a mum and a blogger and I largely blog about my kids but that does NOT mean I am a mummy blogger. Why does no one love me? I’ve blogged longer than anyone so I do not have to prove myself to anyone. Please vote for me.


As you were.


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  • Thank GOD there’s none of that over here. Just saying.

    (I am not a mommy blogger.)
    (What is a press kit?)
    blackbird recently posted..Monday

  • LOL, so are you shutting your blog down? Won’t you need a press kit for that? xxx
    Amelia recently posted..Dinner – Ponyo Soup

  • I love you Kim. (M)WAH!
    Little Miss Moi recently posted..A happy new year