end of year shenanigans

I have felt that I had nothing to say here for the last few weeks but in just having a quick email with Blackbird I realised there is so much to tell.


I have three boys home today. Oscar finished his school year on Tuesday, Jasper is home after being up all night vomitting – on the last day of the school year no less, and Grover is home early as today was the kindy concert and an early home-time.


I need to tell you all about Oscar’s School of Awesome Presentation Day.

Well I cried at the first entertainment item – a photo montage to a song about (the school) being a place where God is. Then every student came up on stage and collected their certificate of achievement for the year. Even the boy crying because of the noise and crowd in the room. I think nearly every adult in the room was crying as he came down off the stage (with much help and praise and support and love from teachers to get him through everything before that and after) with his fingers in his ears, crying ‘I’m too scared, Julie can you help me’. OH MY LORD was there crying all around. One, for the love of this child, two for the fact he had done it! He’d done it!, three for the fact he could VERBALISE how he was feeling and that he needed help. I tell you, SCHOOL.OF.AWESOME.


Then there was another musical item – this time with two students singing Enrique Iglesias’s I Like It and the Eddie’s Entertainers (aka student dance group) performing a routine to it. The male student did all the rapping, WORD PERFECT, the female student the singing. AWESOME.


Also – can you imagine just how much better Presentation Days would be at all school presentation days with these sorts of things – minimal talking, quick presentations, lots of entertainment.


The next musical interlude was a montage of the 60th birthday celebrations and blessing of the sacred place made in the grounds during the year – a beautiful, serene space for students which was instigated and completed by the grounds keeper off his own volition.


Then, THEN, there was the solo. A Year 9 (or maybe 10) student singing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. I tell you what, that kid knew how to work the microphone. It all started with a rallying ‘are you ready to rock and roll!?!’, included a ‘this is where I BREAK OUT’ which led into what can only be termed an impressive air guitar solo and ended with a ‘you’ve been an awesome audience today’.


I swear to GOD this school could not be MORE AWESOME.



Felix is currently enjoying the annual school picnic on his last day of primary school. Monday was the Year 6 Farewell dinner which is hosted by the Year 5s and involves dancing, a sit-down dinner, a very loving and funny roast by the teachers, presenting each of the students with a funny award.

It is such a privilege being a part of this child’s life, being witness to his life and the man he will become. This year there have been moments when it has taken my breath away. Such an awesome kid.


Yesterday I did nearly *all* the Christmas shopping. Four gifts to go. Not bad for a 3.5 hour effort hey. No wonder I was shattered last night.


So you see, there has been news, there has been stuff happening after all!