Just so we’re clear:

Things that are actually occupying my brain space at the moment and what I should be writing about:

  • how the HELL are we going to afford Christmas and car rego in early Jan
  • I wonder how Chef is (his new job has him working incredibly late and leaving home the next day when I am doing school drop off)
  • I’m worried about Chef (he’s pretty low at the moment and not seeing me or the boys is only making it worse. I suspect)
  • We are so lucky it annoys the shit out of me I’m worrying about Christmas
  • Coal Seam Gas mining – for those not in NSW or Australia they are basically giving licenses for this in our food basket region AND in areas where it will directly impact the water table. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE.
  • That Tony Abbott is still talking
  • Poverty
  • My lack of blogging – I miss you guys
  • How my best friend is travelling at the mo – things have been grim for her, she’s never far from my thoughts
  • That one of my other dearest friends and her family are relocating to New Zealand – oh how I’m going to miss them
  • What happened to my little business venture and how am I going to generate some income next year


But instead, lets look at the TV shows I love:

  • Arrested Development
  • Bored to Death
  • The Office – UK and US versions
  • Modern Family
  • Proper current affairs programs – 4Corners, Foreign Correspondent etc.
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • QI
  • Cooking programs that are authentically about the food NOT about promoting the personality – Luke Nyugen, Peter Kuravita, Anthony Bourdain, The Cook and The Chef, Top Chef
  • Anything hosted by David Attenborough
  • Anything hosted by Kevin McCloud
  • Anything hosted by Stephen Fry

TV shows that give me the absolute shits:

  • Mythbusters
  • Bear Grylls (although he was very charming and self-depreciating on Graham Norton which was annoying)
  • Mythbusters
  • Mythbusters
  • Mythbusters
  • Mythbusters
  • Mythbusters




Favourite shows people? What makes your neck itch in irritation?





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  • Just ordered the next series of 30 Rock. I must rewatch Arrested Development, it always brightens the day.
    Kate recently posted..Dress Sewing and Broad Beans

  • Linda

    missing Q&A something awful.

  • We’re trying to afford my 40th b’day party, Christmas, our wedding anniversary and the house insurance inside about 3 weeks. Yeah, pain. And I’m on ‘holidays’ (ie work closes down for nearly 4 weeks and, as I’m still on a casual contract I won’t be getting paid over that time) right through that time so I need to make sure all the cash is socked away for each and every event by about, oh…. next week 🙁
    But tv shows I’m loving:
    reruns of Spicks and Specks (and I’ll be trying really hard to stay up for tonight’s final)
    new eps of Big Bang Theory
    Horrible Histories. Love watching it with my boy and secretly have a totally inappropriate crush on one of the actors.
    Mandi recently posted..Gratituesday

  • Mythbusters, eh?
    I find the concepts interesting and cannot stomach the hosts. But there are Sundays round here wherein I can sit with two young men if I’ll agree to let it play on the tele in the living room.

    Isn’t it funny? K and I have no favorite shows. And we’ve just bought the new tv.
    blackbird recently posted..perspective

  • I’m really enjoying watching One Born Every Minute at the moment. And I’ve just seen the latest series of Grand Designs UK and Aussie on DVD – had the pleasure of attending a breakfast function with Kevin McCloud a couple of weeks ago. I was pleased that he was as personable and charming in real life as on the box.

  • just as well you dont live here then.we have Mythbusters on at least 4 times a week.My girls LOVE it!!!

    Kevin McCloud.mmmmmmmmmmmm yuummy!!!!
    pixie recently posted..I’m back……………anyone miss me?

  • Jo

    Yes my God why is Tony Abbott still talking (and Andrew Bolt and that incredibly vile Kyle Sandilands – ugh I refuse to believe he speaks for that generation. Truely awful!) (And I had a houseful of 18 yr old boys and girls at my place last night – not one single one of them speak about women, or people like that!)

    But Tv – Thursdays – QI, the Slap, then a break for dishes and a bit of parenting, then Big Love – highlight of the TV week for me!

  • Given the list of shows you’ve put here you MUST, simply MUSt get your hands on NBC’s Community. Totally hysterical!

  • Old School

    why is ju-liar gillard still talking?????

  • I never lie in a commentbox you know, so here’s my confession:

    I love Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    There, I said it. I especially loved the Christmas episode I watched yesterday in which each of the families opened their gazillion presents in their mansions. My favourite was when one of the housewives found a gold rolex hanging as a bauble on their tree as a present. And then her husband took her down to the basement where he had custom-built a recording studio for her (I don’t believe she can hold a tune). Her reaction – “But the microphone doesn’t have any bling on it. I wanted bling.” Seriously the best show ever, and there’s this ongoing feud between a sister and brother which is so much fun to watch. Oh, oh, and one of the housewive’s son (she’s the older one, so he’s in his 20s) has a crush on Alexa Rae Joel, whom they know. I’ll stop now.

    Do you still love me?

    OK, then I’ll also confess that I love the “Joan and Melissa” show, you know… the reality show in which Joan Rivers leaves Manhattan and moves in with her daughter and grandson in LA.

    Programmes I hate? Well… I have never been able to sit through an entire episode of The Simpsons. It makes my neck itch.

    E x
    Eleanor recently posted..Infomercial

  • And “Say Yes To The Dress”. Best show ever.

    I prefer the Manhattan one based at Kleinfelds, but the Atlanta one is all right too.

    E x
    Eleanor recently posted..Infomercial

  • Alison

    Has anyone seen Better Off Ted, Portlandia or Perfect Couples? They have provided much hilarity at our place…
    Btw agree about Kevin McCloud, David Attenborough, Stephen Fry, Cook and the Chef and Luke Nguyen . Oh and Tony Abbott…..everything about him is wrong…..

  • I say get through this Christmas and January rego the best way you can without robbing a bank, then immediately start putting aside an appropriate amount of cash per week towards the next rego payment. Then when it’s due, you’re all set. If at all possible set aside a similar amount of cash per week towards next Christmas?
    river recently posted..just dropping in to say hi..