Dulce de leche ice cream with toasted, salted and buttered pecans. You’re welcome.


You guys all know Inner Pickle right? She’s basically living the life I want to live so you know, I stalk her in a completely creepy and inapropriate way. You’re welcome.


Apart from the fact she offers up a new slice recipe every Wednesday, she also cooks things I love to cook. Or make. And she does so without fanfare or fuss, just the way I like it.


So a few weeks back she posted a recipe for easy chocolate ice cream and even though I didn’t concentrate when making it and put in too much cream (as IF there’s such a thing) it was delicious. In the comments was a post from one of her neighbours who’d given her the recipe in the first place, mentioning dulce de leche and well, I had those jars of condensed milk boiling on the stove quicker than Black Caviar passes the winning post.




I didn’t mix the dulce de leche through completely, choosing to drop dollops in the last few minutes of churning with the nuts. Next time I would mix one tin through the cream/milk mix and then do the dollopy thing with another. Maybe not a whole tin, but you could just eat the left off the spoon. Because I know you want to.


Dulce de leche icecream with toasted buttered salted pecans

From Darren at Green-Change via Inner Pickle’s blogging of his chocolate ice cream.

  • 1 cup milk
  • 600ml cream
  • 1 tin dulce de leche*
  • 1 packet (180 g**) pecan halves, toasted with a few dabs of butter and a smattering of sea salt then chopped
  1. Combine the milk and cream and dulce de leche
  2. Churn in an ice-cream mixer for 30 minutes, adding the pecans for the final 2-3 minutes
  3. Scoop into a container and freeze.


* to make dulce de leche cover a can of sweetened condensed milk with water and boil for three hours, checking regularly to ensure it is still covered with water.  You could, at a pinch, use the ‘pie caramel’ you can get in the cake decorating/cooking chocolate section of the supermarket.

** this is because I am addicted to pecans – a 110g packet would probably be ample.


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  • trash

    Because, you know, I love you and all and that is even before the butch lesbian pixie haircut thing, let me just say a mahoosive THANK YOU for introducing me to ‘Inner Pickle’. I was getting into the groove of ace life farming and baking and a Slice of Wednesday and then I came across Ray Henning’s photos (23/10). Rural Australia summarised by a bloke with a camera.

    You are going to have quite your innappropriate stalking thing over there because from now on that is going to be my job.

    But if you bring some of that ice cream I will be willing to budge up a bit.

    • trash

      Aaak! I meant “QUIT” your inappropriate stalking.

    • Isn’t she THE best! And there’s no pretension, no hiding the bad or hard AND she’s started her own business making biscuits. DOES IT GET ANY BETTER!!! Come, sit beside me, let’s perfect our creepy stalker stare.

  • Oh my goodness, don’t tease me so early in the morning. That looks delish!
    Kellie recently posted..WIN: The entire Keratinology by Sunsilk range (valued at $100)

  • Paola

    Kim … this is a shamelessly dangerous recipe. But I bet it’s SO delicious nobody gives a darn. How I love that we’re entering the soup season and you’re posting ice cream recipes … luv.

  • I adore the Illawarra! Thanks for introducing me to Pickle, I am sure I will be visiting often. But ice-cream is not my poison of choice so I will I will leave the dulche de leche to you.
    Amelia recently posted..Today

  • he hee.. I have been addicted to the inner pickle for a long time. and icecream too…

    it’s a winner. I made a dulce de leche / vanilla icecream chocolate hazelnut roulade for a birthday earlier this year. so good.
    rakster recently posted..my baby is 4 months old!! Friday napping. And on sleep in general.