Just your average week at allconsuming

Mum’s gone in for a knee replacement this afternoon. Her fourth joint replacement in as many years. Funny, this is one instance when high frequency and repetition does not reduce anxiety.




Felix has cricket training at 5.30 and as mum isn’t here all of us will be going. I’m making lasagne so it’ll be ready when we get home. In making the bechamel I just dumped the milk into the roux (as I always do, none of this namby pamby bit by bit malarky) but think there was more milk in the carton than I had estimated. Bechamel soup anyone?




Grover fell asleep on the way to the hospital. He’s still asleep. His first day sleep in what? Months?




I’ve been very snarky – I know it’s worry about mum but there you have it.




I just burnt the bechamel.




I am panicking about my weight. Again. Just like I did at exactly the same time last year. I’ve started exercising again but my left ankle is really bothering me. And I know it’s because I’m stressed, I know it’s because I am at the peak of self-loathing (both about the physical and the emotional) but I just can’t stop eating. I mean, of course I can, but dear GOD sometimes I just find stuff already in my mouth before I realise it. GAH.




blah blah blah.






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  • Please send your mum my love. And I must tell you, when I saw you the other day I thought you looked SO BEAUTIFUL. So please take a break from the self-loathing – that voice inside your head is lying to you.
    Elemar x
    Eleanor recently posted..Cat eye

  • I agree with Eleanor, you looks beautiful the other day. Am now looking for long stripey dresses for myself 🙂 And love to your mum., poor thing! All the kids come with me everywhere – G’s gymnastics drop off at 5:30 and then pick up at 7:30? The worst! I hope they all behaved at cricket for you.
    Amelia recently posted..Operation Pinterest

    • You know, it was OK! The boys just ran around the oval, whinged a bit then ran around a bit more – then came home to the lasagne I’d put in the oven before we left and wolfed it down. Nice to remember I can do this!

  • Mary

    Hang on. You all met without me?

    In corner rocking and sucking thumb.

    And hoping that life settles down for you soon Kim .


    • Hahahahhaha – can I just say, I MISS YOU SO MUCH. The girls turned up at the St Edmund’s 60th to my absolute surprise. In fact, so shocked was I at seeing Eleanor it shocked me right out of my filthy hangover from my birth father’s wife’s 50th the night before. AND I got to see the not-so-wee-anymore William. kaCHOW!

  • Kim, Go outside and do twenty star jumps. Gently, because you don’t want to hurt your ankle. Obviously, it’s a short term solution, and it doesn’t help with shuttling people to cricket and carrying sleeping boys in from the car and so on, but I find it much more helpful than it sounds. I also have a skipping rope and I find fifty jumps with the rope to be excellent help at certain points of the day.

    Take care. You are lovely and very much loved.
    tracy recently posted..This is what studying statistics will do to a person

    • You know, you’re absolutely right – just small bursts of SOMETHING. The other day I JUMPED ON OUR TRAMPOLINE and guess what, my uterus didn’t fall out!

  • You just dumped in the milk??
    Well, tsk tsk.
    Shakes head and moves on.
    river recently posted..Psittacosis

  • Oh, dude. Best wishes to your mum. You’d think they could get a thing like knee replacement right the first time, eh?

    And I’ve been dipping in and out of the self-loathing pool myself lately. Funny how I can call myself the most filthy names in my head that I would never DREAM of calling anyone else, ever. We should both be nicer to ourselves, maybe. Let me know if you figure out how to do that.
    Kathy recently posted..A Halloween playlist

    • Why, WHY do we do this to ourselves? It’s like my go-to emotion and I hate it.

  • I’m definitely a dumper-in-of-milk, but even so, my kids always preferred my sister’s bechamel because she never even bothered stirring it properly and there were always lumps of flour and butter in hers. They would crow in triumph when they got one as if it were a gold nugget.

    Everything I start to say seems so trite but I did want that there are a lot of worse things you could be doing to cope with stress than being snarky and eating. Be kind to yourself, I suspect you are kind to almost everyone else.
    Julie recently posted..Tempting Fete

  • Mrs woog

    Today you can sat “Backward” then throw yourv hands up xxxx

  • Paola

    Well. I am the last person who can cheer you up. I am literally living on self loathing mostly produced by hormone related health issues.
    And I’ll stop right THERE.
    But I can be there for others, I am good at that.
    So I am telling you, once again, what a grand person you are. Think about all you do EACH DAY for your family and the love you poor in doing that. You might love yourself a bit more.
    You MUST.

    • You know, we are all here for you too you know. Every day you are in my thoughts. Every.Day.

  • Mary

    Realising what a selfish reaction I had to this post – I miss you guys that’s all.

    Hope your mum’s operation went well and repeating what I did say earlier – that I truly hope that life settles down somewhat for you and your family.

    • OH YOU BIG LOSER – that was not selfish at all – it was LOVELY! And yes, I am GAGGING to see you. Operation did go well apparently, no reaction to the anaesthetic which was her big concern. Am heading in this morning after kindy drop-off.

      • Mary

        I love you. That is all. ( as you would say)