Another year

… another penis cake



Yesterday’s birthday party – planned for the park – relocated to home when rain arrived. Of course it was blue sky ten minutes later but I believe it was far more relaxing having it at home – parents sitting around having some bubbles and party food, kids going mad on the trampoline. House intact.



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  • Happy day!!!

    (What’s the plate say?)

    (Did you receive your specs?)

  • Linda

    the mind boggles at what shape cake you would have come come up with Team Berry had been girls instead of boys

    • You know I’ve been racking my brain all day now trying to think of girls toys that I could try to recreate in cake form while also looking like a vulva. The best I could do was maybe some sort of Cinderella carriage.

  • jac


    • I have absolutely no idea. I keep looking at his gangly form – all arms and legs and muscle! this kid is so lithe – and thinking, how the HELL are you six already. I seriously feel like I just had him – so forget the reality that Grover is four. Just ridiculous. All of it.

  • Paola

    Shit I am late.
    He looks adorable.
    As the cake.
    Buon Compleanno.