11 October 1997

Happy anniversary to the wonderful Chef. Fourteen years – who’d a thunk it.

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  • Happy Wedding Anniversary to you both… 14 years of all that a marriage brings … The joys, the tears, the dreams, the hopes, the family and LOVE… Much love shared…. Congratulations.
    Denyse recently posted..10 Things I Know Tuesday.

  • Look at you two crazy lovebirds!
    BabyMacBeth recently posted..Holidays are…

    • It was really the best day of my life. So.much.fun. Even if it was 40+ fucking degrees.

  • You sweet kids!
    blackbird recently posted..Wednesday

  • Snaps that just bring a grin? This one. Kim, you look adorable.
    Lucy recently posted..Out of the glut rut…

  • Gorgeous wedding pics. Happy Anniversary!
    Mandi recently posted..Mums United

  • Congratulations!!! (Insert generic Dad joke about doing less time for murder or something Here)
    But really congratulations!! xx
    Emmasbrain recently posted..Bloggual leave and other tales from bloggual leave.

  • jac

    Congratulations! 40 degrees? My wedding was on 10 October in New Zealand… would have been lucky to break 14 degrees! x

  • Pet

    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary. Have a really great year xxxxxxxxx

  • Paola

    Awwwwwww. Look at you …

  • So gorgeous!! You both look so darn happy and gorgeous. Congrats on 14 years xx
    bigwords recently posted..The Vlog

  • You were getting married, I had my second baby two days later. 14 years!
    Lovely, lovely photos, such happy shots. Glowing.
    librarygirl recently posted..October