Those car stickers detailing the driver’s family giving you the shits?

Here’s the answer:


I mean really, it’s just been a sliding scale from this:


To this:



And then, what I thought was the bottom of the barrel:



the fucking frangipani flowers.



It’s time to ban the banality.







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  • See also:
    I want to get just one of the Mum stickers and like, 2 dozen cats alongside. This idea pleases me greatly.
    Rosie W recently posted..Just one thing: The power of the timer

    • Or maybe a picture of an animal for which each child is most alike – in looks or character. Or both.

  • Linda

    as someone who once drove around with one of the bobbing-head dog thingies on rear shelf……..i have no right to pass judgement

    my so-called friends gave me the bobbing-head dog as a joke – i had to get rid of it when it became obvious it was a trigger for road-rage

    • You know, if you had one of those bobbly head dogs now you’ could say you were being ironic.

  • Heike Fabig

    Why do they not have people in wheelchairs?

    • I have no idea – maybe they do but people in wheelchairs have more common sense and self respect than to whack a sticker on their car about it.

  • Jo

    Hilarious!! And (as a single mother) what happens when dad runs off with the bimbo? Do we add her? or unstick him? Hmmm bit smug for mine. What about all those struggling with infertility? Or disabled?

    • EXACTLY!
      There’s a pic online somewhere of the back of a car with a dad and two sons – with a gap and the phrase ‘could this be you?’ I mean, at least he’s putting himself out there. But man…

    • Ha! I have seen a car with these stickers plastered with the family, with an adult in the row scaped off! Awkward! But I guess that’s one answer.
      Smug indeed – it gives me road rage, these stickers. Totally insensitive to the fertility challenged, separating parents…and cat ladies! Maybe as a long term single I am supposed to just stick a lone female on the back of my car.
      Hate them!
      LOVE the post, allconsuming!
      Tash recently posted..Timor/Maryborough and South Sudan/Trentham

      • Tash, we drove behind a car today that had stickers of a woman, cat and parrot on the back of it. I know you know I’m not kidding.

  • HOLY SHIT! I hate all of these bloody stickers!! This is so funny because I thought must have been the only one seeing that my car is the only one without these stupid stickers plastered on the back window in the school car park….along with personalised plates!! dont even get me started on those!
    twomonkeys recently posted..Welcome to Two Monkeys

  • I’m coming in late on this one, but could not resist this topic. The car park outside my office is opposite a private school and is full of SUVs and 4WDs covered in these bloody stickers. WHAT ARE THEY FOR??? Do people forget the constituents of their own family? (Oh that’s right, I have a husband with a fishing rod, a girl in a tutu and a boy with a skateboard. Plus a dog. Whoa, I’m gunna need more groceries.)
    Or are they bragging? (Look how many people I can pop out of my lady-bitz. I am one FERTILE SUV driver!)
    Mind you, I came across a picture of one of these stickers on some blog somewhere (wish I’d bookmarked that one, can’t find it now) as a zombie family version, all chopped off limbs and blood spurting. I would like that one.

  • must have missed this post when it originally appeared!

    Until I started the school run last year I had not really noticed them.

    My daughter recently asked if they were to show how many people can fit in the cars?

    I tried (hopelessly) to give some explanation to her as to what they are for, she then wanted to know if someone in your family died would you have to scratch them off?
    Angie recently posted..Patterns