Quite some time back I had this awesome idea for an animated movie about ants. It was before we’d had kids but I amused myself with the idea – of the personalities I’d give the main characters and so on. Then this happened:

Chef still gives me a hard time about it but I am adamant THEY STOLE MY IDEA.

Then there was the time I pitched an idea (3 actually) to The Good Weekend (oh the MONTHS I agonised on even daring to think I could do such a thing) and they said go for it. Then virtually the same article as one I’d pitched appeared a couple of months later.


About three weeks ago when I was in the grip of Console Game Wars with the boys I decided to write an article on it – to see it as the cover story on Good Weekend THAT.VERY.NEXT.WEEK.


Then last week I saw a company making something very similar to my venture. And by similar I mean not the same but close – in design and theory.


Last week I had a chat with a friend about doing a story on the porn industry and the impact of the internet on it. A proper in-depth piece to pitch to The Monthly. Today I went to its website to find out about submission guidelines to see this:

OH FOR FUCKS SAKE! (Chef wishes)