Action plan

The way out of the pit:

1. Monthly appointment with Shrink is tomorrow – that goodness.

2. Greatly reduce alcohol intake – started last night. Am, of course, miserable but know ‘it is for the best’.

3. Return to eating plan that works for me – also started last night, fell in a heap eating pastries today at event but is OK, just a small blip

4. Exercise – still procrastinating out of this and scared about how ankle will hold up. The only way to know is to get out there so yeah, there’s that. The running gear is – at least – in a pile at the end of the bed.

5. Cutting but in a good way – have just cleaned off dining room table and cutting mat is out, as is fabric range to make a cot quilt for Jasper’s teacher. She’s going on maternity leave at the end of the term and it’s going to be from the class. ┬áThat and finishing off Oscar’s quilt top.




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  • Sounds like a sensible healthy plan, I hope it goes OK for you!

    How about swimming – I find it very therapeutic and if you don’t like doing laps, buy a noodle and do some exercises with that, it would be great for your ankle. Also, you could sign up for aquarobics which is actually quite a workout!
    Little Miss Moi recently posted..Outsourcing the nesting

  • Vicki

    Long time reader but I dont often comment (yes shame on me I know), but I felt that I had to say that it lifts me up every time you speak about your depression and the steps you take to get by with it. Having someone very close to me end their own life due to untreated and very well hidden depression I hope that one day the stigma that some attach to these illnesses is eradicated and people will seek treatment the same as they would for any other ailment. I honestly believe your talking about it is a step forward.

  • Paola

    Why do women have to go through this.
    Aren’t you GLAD you have just boys? Becasue I am SO DARN grateful that I won’t have to go through this ever again.
    When it’s over, that is (which is probably not before 10 years …)

  • Duyvken

    Swimming! No trouble for the ankle and able to take a break at the end of a lap any time you need

  • I’m with you on the diet/exercise bit, and also trying to get the house cleaned up and organized, which seems like a never-ending thankless job. But when it’s clean and when I’m healthy, I feel better. It makes a difference. You’re biting off a lot. Be kind to yourself. x
    Wanderlust recently posted..Announcing Speak Out