Quite some time back I had this awesome idea for an animated movie about ants. It was before we’d had kids but I amused myself with the idea – of the personalities I’d give the main characters and so on. Then this happened:

Chef still gives me a hard time about it but I am adamant THEY STOLE MY IDEA.

Then there was the time I pitched an idea (3 actually) to The Good Weekend (oh the MONTHS I agonised on even daring to think I could do such a thing) and they said go for it. Then virtually the same article as one I’d pitched appeared a couple of months later.


About three weeks ago when I was in the grip of Console Game Wars with the boys I decided to write an article on it – to see it as the cover story on Good Weekend THAT.VERY.NEXT.WEEK.


Then last week I saw a company making something very similar to my venture. And by similar I mean not the same but close – in design and theory.


Last week I had a chat with a friend about doing a story on the porn industry and the impact of the internet on it. A proper in-depth piece to pitch to The Monthly. Today I went to its website to find out about submission guidelines to see this:

OH FOR FUCKS SAKE! (Chef wishes)



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  • jac

    Clearly your finger is on the zeitgeist. I think I am mixing my metaphors but I SPELLED THAT RIGHT FIRST TIME so it cancels out. Zeitgeist! You has it!

    • OH man, your take on it makes me feel so much better!

  • Mary

    Meant to comment yesterday but time got away with me. Not sure this can be good for the blues!

    Agree entirely with jac. In fact the same thing used to happen to my mum all the time. Can only happen to people who are very in touch with the world

  • Yeah, Dave ‘invented’ the 2 drawer dishwasher about 2 years before they came onto the market and he’s still pissed. It’s all in the timing I guess.
    Sooz recently posted..oi!

    • It’s bad how much this pleases me. I can just picture how pissed he was and how pissed he still is that they nicked his idea. Great minds and all that…

  • I agree completely with Jac. You got it, girl! The only trend here is that you are on top of the trends so keep at it with the pitches/submissions.
    Wanderlust recently posted..Announcing Speak Out

  • Clearly the universe has a tap on your brain nad is stealing your ideas.
    river recently posted..gypsies; swagmen; apostrophes