The allconsuming guide to everything: hits to ease the lows

There’s a few things I am loving at the moment. With the onset of spring say hello to my two favourite friends:

The hair is in desperate need of a cut and I”m feeling the need for something outrageous in terms of colour. I’ve been fighting the brain turkeys (isn’t that the best name for it) for quite a few weeks now and something that has helped is just to do little things that feel a bit special or just for me or things that I like – it’s been as simple as lighting the oil burner and a few candles.

I’ve got this one from Freedom except shorter, and in a glass jar. Pretty.

My current essential oil blend.

Aussie Farmers Direct. These guys have made my life so.much.easier. They’ve also probably cut my fruit and vegetable bill by half. HALF. I know.  And then this week I got a letter from them regarding their milk – they have spent $5million recommissioning a dairy in rural Victoria that had been idle for more than 10 years. In doing so they’ve created 30 jobs which may increase to 100 over the next few years in a rural centre. More than NINETY per cent of fresh milk consumed in Australia is supplied and controlled by foreign owned companies. So not only do these guys ensure we are never out of milk (we go through roughly 12-15 litres a week) we’re drinking 100% Australian owned milk. Bring it.

I’ve also been doing some online window shopping.

Oh Trelise Cooper, how I adore you:

And Sportscraft, after some pretty dodgy years you’re back in my good books with this linen jersey number:

Now, to find some disposable income…

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  • LIKE! All of it. Mostly you.
    BabyMacBeth recently posted..Let’s talk about sex. Again. Yep.

  • I approve of all of these things!
    Even the milk!
    blackbird recently posted..thoughts on the boots

  • I’ve started getting a box of fruit and veg from Harvest Hub each week and it is genius! I spend $50 getting a large box with a extra 2kgs of apples and a hand of bananas and I almost don’t need to spend any extra. For a vego family of 7 that’s pretty impressive. Last week I spent $8 on eggplant and avos so for $60 we were all set. Very happy here! And yes, Trelise Cooper things are beautiful (but depressing if you allow yourself to look at the price tag) and that sportscraft dress is very pretty! You’d look gorgeous in that! Not that I am an enabler or anything 🙂 xx
    Amelia recently posted..Operation Pinterest

  • I tried on that linen jersey dress and, sadly, it made me look like a sack of potatoes. Hmph. For further online retail therapy I recommend Although I have never purchased anything from them I use it as a relaxing browsing time. Works a treat.

    E x

    • See that is a phrase that immediately comes to mind when i try on any form of frock – either a trussed up turkey or a sack of potatoes. needless to say, I do not wear dresses.