Craft camp

so this weekend just passed saw me leaving on a jet plane to Melbourne. No thanks to a multi-national sending me somewhere lush for free but to my annual sojourn to sewjourn where I get in touch with my uselessness on a sewing machine and general absence of creative process while surrounded by outrageously crafty and creative ladies. Luckily I can pretty much eat and drink them all under the table so there is that to stop me feeling like a complete incompetent.

It was a smaller tribe this year than last and I must say, a quieter more industrious crew.

I got completely side-swiped by the red ninja which was a bit of a downer to say the least. I mean, WHAT.THE.FUCK. ovaries, I was totally prepared for your monthly tantrum this week not Saturday morning. BITCH.

Fortuitously I had resumed my homicide-reduction pill taking therefore didn’t stab anyone but it did explain the fillet-of-fish binge eating I embarked on last week.

You’d think after having my period for TWENTY SEVEN YEARS I’d be a bit more clued in to what the hell was going on but barely a month goes by where its arrival doesn’t cause me to go ‘what? ALREADY?’

So there as that.

I have basically been having a pity party to end all pity parties these last two days. I have one parent miffed at me for forgetting their birthday and the other one clearly unhappy with me for what I suspect is me not paying them enough attention.

Then there is my monthly slide into morbid self-doubt, depreciation and general feeling of imminent doom. Cheery!

But fear not, I am on the improve. Some baking has been had, friends are coming over tomorrow and the world still turns. I dramatically edited my twitter feed, and have gone through all the photos on my iPhone. Granted that time would have been better spent cleaning up the cesspit that is our home but at least cleaning up these two things means they will stay clean. For a while at least.



Pictures are of progress I made on making a quilt for Oscar.



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  • cheer up buttercup.

    You can totally stab me now.

    MWAH xx

    (and WHAT THE FUCK you come to Melbourne and you don’t call me?)

    • I was in Lancefield. Are you out that way or the other way? If that makes sense.

  • A few thoughts:

    I love the quilt colours and patterns – very allconsuming in style.

    Craft is not a competitive sport.

    Having all kids at school fulltime is going to be far more wonderful than any family holiday. I hated most of our family holidays,

    I can’t believe I just admitted that.

    • Dude, all I feel like I’m doing at the moment is making everybody happy – and yet noone seems to be that concerned about reciprocating it. Shitting me to tears BIG TIME.

  • Dancingmorganmouse

    Have you tried, they send a helpful email a day or two before!

  • those colours and design are going to make a fabulous quilt.

    • Thank you. It’s less a design and more a jigsaw. Oscar loves it so there is that victory!

  • Eleanor is dead on, craft is not competitive. Save it for board games and duels. I don’t think anyone who has their shit together cares a jot what anyone else is making, except to marvel that they are making it at all – you’d never get me devoting so much thought and care to a quilt, let alone 4. As someone totally devoted to the quick and dirty I am always deeply impressed by anyone who makes that kind of effort. Seeing all the different things people do at craft camp goes long way to helping me accept we can’t do all the things we would like to.
    And as for making people happy – good luck with that one. Trips me up all the time.

    • You are so so right. I draw infinite joy from watching you guys who make clothes seemingly whip things up in a jot – except Lisa with that wacky Donna Karan so-many-pins-and-pieces dress. It actually inspires me. I left the weekend with a commitment to myself to *try* and make some summer clothes for me this year.

      and the making people happy? Shitting me I tell you, shitting me.

  • Bec

    Free Iphone app: p-tracker lite. changed my life…

    • Bec

      Oops, in hindsight that looks like app spam, but it’s not!

  • At least you got your period! you know what happens when you dont……..a happy brood of five:) So there is a bright side to it! hehe

  • Paola

    I love the colours, the pattern and your posts always crack me up. Never fail.