Not so tight you cut off circulation… new favourite

I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for my annual migration south for some quality craft time with some Ladies of Awesome. There will be a lot of eating, a fair bit of drinking (warning ladies, it’s been a long week, I might not keep myself that nice) and some crafting.

At this stage I’m tempted to not take any sewing gear whatsoever. Just me. Maybe Jane Eyre which I started re-reading last year and have just picked back up (also – segue – saw the movie earlier this week with mum and a hundred other nannas: loved it) (OMG the writing, the language, it is just so exquisite) but I know I will. Maybe I’ll just get some new quilts cut. Maybe.

I went to a seminar on online branding today (in preparation for The Venture) organised by Penny Webb from Mumpreneurs Masterclass and one of the speakers was Lisa Lintern. She shared this gem with us:


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  • Mrs woog

    Best promo ever xx

  • Elizabeth

    We have just come back from a holiday in NZ and when people ask my little girl what her fave part of the trip was she says… the Granny streaking on the plane!!! Air New Zealand rock AND their Hosties actually look at you and smile.

  • You are doing well with the getaways this year. Totally jealous! Can’t wait to hear all about it. What is on the menu this year? I’ve dug up a custard teacake recipe to try tomorrow. xx

  • PS very excited about your new venture. And craft camp update please, Ogga’s quilt is looking fab.

  • Dear gods, I loved that movie. Was wonderful! 🙂
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