black ute vs blue corolla: it really is just a matter of size

So Chef and I were walking down the street to our (legend) accountant today.

A man drives out from an underground carpark in a souped^ up black Holden ute.

I say, ‘well that’s just silly.’

Chef says, ‘ but he’s sooooo coool.’

And I say, ‘well maybe, but it’s also to compensate for his outrageously small penis.’

And Chef says, without missing a beat, ‘yeah, because nothing says ‘big massive cock’ more than a 1993 Toyota Corolla*.’

* That’d be what Chef drives, sans hubcaps.


I’m still chuckling, hours later.


^ I did put this out to Twitter – is it souped up? suped up? zouped up? zuped up?

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  • Susan, Mum to Molly

    Actually nothing says big massive cock like the Bloggess…

    Bok Bok.

  • trash

    ‘Souped’. I don’t know why bc any derivation I can think of is just stupid but the fact remains it is ‘souped’.

    Good call Chef, good call.

  • Elizabeth

    Hahaha my hubby drives one of these… Black Betty we call her.
    Its not all about the cock lol.

  • Paola

    You rock, Chef.