I’m not sure this is what they meant…

… about being authentic


I’m not sure this is what they meant by authentic from Kim at allconsuming on Vimeo.

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  • Love you Kim, truly.

  • Mrs woog

    So now I am in love with the claw….. And you. Get better soon my friend x ps loved loved your vlog

  • As Oscar said “Woo!”

    Hot stuff, claw and all x

  • Loved Oscars “Woo!”

    Thanks for making me smile. Hope your feeling better soon Kim!

  • hahahahahah!

    You are SO funny.
    Get all morning tv OFF NOW: all the world needs is a bit of Kim burping each and every day.

    • Indeed. My ugly mug and appalling lack of decorum makes everything better

  • Well, it was lovely seeing Oscar.
    And you? Well, you’re okay.

  • I am SO GLAD you did not edit that burp out. Cutest little burp in town.

    Oh I had a gurgling belly laugh, watching this. Thank you love XOX

  • I hereby challenge Australian morning television to be as stupid as American morning TV. I DEFY YOU.

    Then again, I may be awarding extra intelligence points to the Aussies because of your accents. Because I have to listen just that much harder, which makes everything people say seem more deep ‘n’at.