Do you think chickens get nervous when they smell you cooking chicken?

But then, can chickens smell? I mean, do they have nostrils to be able to smell?



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  • Chickens get delighted when they smell you cooking chicken. Because they like to eat it too.

  • Linda

    i wonder if that explains why there is always one of ‘the girls’ standing tall and doing the jerky head turning thingy? maybe she has been rostered to act as ‘lookout! she’s cooking one of our mates for dinner!’

    i may have wrongly assumed that she was on alert to let the rest know they were at risk of a rogering from a rooster.

    and then there is the question of what came first – the chicken or the egg.

    tough gig being a Poultry Fancier isn’t it?

  • Now I’m going to be up all night wondering…