As good as world peace in this house

In the last two weeks I have discovered:

1. That studies have shown using half the recommended dose of washing powder results in clothes being AS CLEAN as if a full dose had been used.

2. That our fancy pants water-saving power-saving awesome dishwashing machine does just as good a job on its 30 minute power wash as it’s 156 minute normal cycle.

3. If your bathroom constantly smells like the bottom of a urinal trough thanks to the ENTIRE male species being incapable of a) aiming and b) aiming, by actively ignoring (and thereby encouraging) your children splashing madly in the bath (and thereby basically flooding the bathroom floor) you not only save yourself from having to mop you also win bonus free time as children happily cause sibling near drowning experiences for FUN!


You’re welcome.




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  • Damn! Our toilet is separate from the bathroom… Any other suggestions?

  • The half amount of powder, shorter cycle thing works just as well for washing machines. I use a tablespoon of powder per load.

  • Jamac – I buy the laundry powder, softener, rinse aid for the dishwasher and disinfectant in bulk. It is so much cheaper and great quality. Plus, they deliver so I don’t have to lug it all through the supermarket. Of course, I envisage myself making my own cleaning supplies from organic, ecologically sustainable produce but….. need I say more? xx