Home alone

The boys are at my Dad and Stepmum’s for two days.

So what do you do when you’re home alone?

Go to bed really really late.


Go and catch up with some girlfriends and not have to tend to anyone.

Schlepp to another part of town to check out a fabric store and take as.much.time.as.you.like.

Come home, tootle round on the Interweb, pour a glass – or three – of wine, marvel at how an evening can transpire when you are not having to tend to four little people.

Sit on the lounge.

Make a fancy pants dinner and – gasp – eat.late.

Just lovely.

(Dinner: pan roasted rib eye on the bone served with a flavoured butter (sundried tomatoes, olives, anchovies, garlic and rosemary), sauteed cavalo nero, roasted fennel with carrots. Dessert: poached rhubarb creme brulee)








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  • Ooo yummy.

    How fortunate are you guys to not have those boys of yours for not one but two nights?! Enjoy. Every. Moment. (I am envious!)

    • It is rather lovely. Although I am a wee bit missing them. Just a smidge…

  • …and then you did something else too, right?

  • Maybe i should “hire” you to come feed me when the bubba is born?

  • Mel

    Ahhh the serenity! Enjoy. Those rib eye’s are my favorite, my butcher calls them ‘Cattleman’s Cuttlet’s’.

  • How on earth did you manage that?! Enjoy lucky girl! xx

  • Paola

    Where was the bed shark?

  • gee, this sure makes my days alone look underused. I tend to eat fake crabmeat and cocktail sauce if I don’t have to cook for anyone. Clearly, I’ve got some ways to go! 😉