New life!

two very dear friends I don’t see or talk to nearly enough had identical twin girls today.


I can NOT express how happy this makes me – for them, for the world, for everyone!

Because I am a useless sap when it comes to the arrival of a new wee person into the world.

They knew they were having identical twins – obviously – but not the sex. Well they could have known the sex but they didn’t let on to me!

There was some medical ‘issues’ which had my friend in hospital from last week and a caesar booked in for today – the girls were born at 34 weeks. They are, by all accounts, doing well.

I haven’t called because, well, I’ve been there with just ONE baby as a prem and you’re often (if not constantly) in the NICU and the last thing I felt like doing was calling people back with all the updates a hundred times over.

But I am a woman possessed, constantly checking Facebook to see if names have been given.

Because clearly, it is ALL ABOUT ME and my need for names. NAMES!

Oh the humanity.

You see, I have PLENTY of girl names I never got to use.

What names were on your list you never got to use?

UPDATE: The girls are out of high dependency and into special care section of NICU! Apparently the staff call them the little fatties! I’ve seen pics and they are just gorgeous little moppets – not skinned rabbit prems like Oscar was at all!

And we have names!!! Twin 1 is Suki (as in Polly put the kettle on and Suki takes it off again) and Twin 2 is Harper.

A very nifty decision was to name the first twin out with the name that started with the letter furthest down the alphabet, so while twin #2 was born second, they’d be first on roll call at school! How cool is that!

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  • ohhhhhhhhhhh twinnies…….how exciting!!!


  • Skylar, Patience, Xanthe, Sari, Elizabeth, Aoife…. I could go on, and you know it!

    • Xanthe was on my list too!

      How do you pronounce Aoife?

      We have a Hebe and Soairse (sorsha) at kindy – divine!

      • Oh we have an Aoife at kindy -she says Eefa (sort of an Irish Eve – the ‘f’ is a bit like a ‘v’ and the ‘a’ is soft)gorgeous name.

  • If the son was a daughter – he would have been ruby…..and my mother-in-law would never have visited..such is her aversion to the name.

    • Now there’s a plan! I loved Ruby, Rosie and Juniper for girls but then married someone with the surname Berry. It wasn’t going to work.

      • jac

        One of my friends had Clay as her favourite boys name for years… and then married a Rhodes.

  • Kill

    I still believe I was destined to be the mother of twins. The pigeon pair would be called Indigo and Violet. Obviously this would happen as a single parent as husband would NEVER agree to such nonsense

    • Kill, it’s the having to agree on names part that KILLS me. As far as I’m concerned I’m doing all the freaking work but then he cocks his head a particular way at some of my suggestions and I know, without him even saying anything, that it’s just not going to fly.

  • Maya was nearly called Isabella, but I wanted my favourite girls name, Poppy to be at least her middle name. After 3 boys I was pretty keen. When we were off to the hospital to get induced 2 weeks overdue my husband said he just couldn’t go with Poppy so we changed it all to Maya Isabelle. I’ll get him back. If we have grandkids they can all call him Poppy..

  • Von

    Such gorgeous names – such fond memories of trawling through baby name books and sites! There were lots I loved that didn’t pass the man’s ‘schoolyard test’ (like Fleur!) and many that I have in reserve should there be a medical miracle pregnancy, like Grady, Reine, and Roisin. Thank goodness my brother, who is a nurse, advised against Melina!!

  • If Monet was a boy, she was going to be called Farris. I remember there was a chance she was going to be a Stella or a Bella (lol) but so very pleased we settled on Monet Lulu. Such a gorgeous name we are always complimented on. Just wishing we kept Lulu for our Lily. *heehee*

    If Lily was a boy, well it was never really discussed, but there was a slight chance of Corgan. We never decided upon Lily’s name until we were driving in the car for me to be induced. There was a chance she was going to be a Ruby or a Violet. But so glad our Lily is, well, our Lily and her middle name is Venice – a place that we loved.

  • LOVE a new baby. We had:

    Alba (except it was Irish and spelt like Ailbhe or something equally ridiculous)

    I could go on and ON

  • Sarah. Eleanor. Joanna. Kate.

  • Wonderful news from L & D – we’re so chuffed for them!

  • Scarlett, Eloise, Xanthe, Nina, Matilda, Sage, Felix, Oscar, Finn, Angus, Kit, Reuben, I could go on and on….

  • Keep the names coming ladies…I’m in the market!

  • Alex

    My niece is Sage – such a great name. I had (still have?!?!) Indigo, Scout and Harper up my sleeve too.

  • trash

    Back in the day when Moriarty and I actually conversed she was heavily pregnant, while considering names she proffered ‘Oifi’. When queried she handed over the book and yes, it was Aoife.

    I had a special love for Noah and Agatha. CK refused to consider such ‘out there’ names so we ended up with Princess Curly-Wurly and destructoBoy!

    • I have a niece called Agatha and they are expecting again. They like Daphne if they have another girl and Thomas or Oliver if it’s a boy.

      • wow, Agatha and Daphne. That’s kinda awesome.

  • Oh I just love Emmeline and Eloise. I had Evelyn and Genevieve on my list and Stella, which thanks to Seinfeld my husband would never let me have!

  • Bec

    Did anyone answer this yet? Aoife is pronounced E-fa. It’s an Irish name and you probably need a recent dose of Irish in the genes to carry it off, bit like Maeve – works better when there’s an O’Meara behind it!

  • I only ever had 1 girls name and that’s what she got (naturally). She was always going to be Grace. I love the names you had in your list.

  • Paola

    Boys: Lapo, Brando, Moreno, Manfredi, Tiziano
    Girls: Virginia, Rebecca, Gaia, Ginevra, Violetta, Chiara, Vittoria, Fiammetta

    Congratulations to your friends. Times two!