I’ve tried writing about Chef and my Melbourne trip. No really I have. But words just do not seem to come to me to convey just how – restorative -it was.

How the instant the kids were gone we were ‘back’.

How I remembered (having not even realised I’d forgotten) just how funny my husband is and how he makes me laugh and laugh with the most perfectly timed quips about the most inane aspects of daily life.

How absolutely lovely it was to eat what we wanted when we wanted. And drink and not worry about who was driving or how we’d survive the next day.

How OK it is to be a tourist. That unlike this parenting gig where the merest whiff of you not knowing what the fuck you’re doing has those kids going all Lord of the Flies on your arse, being a tourist is remarkably liberating.

About TRAMS!


About a PLANNED city!

About little ALLEYS!



Being in a city obsessed with the brand of footy we follow. FOOTY!

The weather was glorious. The people so lovely.

So I’ve just decided to post some OK and some rather crappy iPhone photos for your enjoyment.

Just know it was fucking awesome.

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  • trash

    Thanks for posting the picture of the banner. You have aided in the ongoing raising of my children’s cultural heritage.

  • Sometimes it’s nice to just “be” without reporting how wonderful it all is.
    I’m awfully pleased for you.

  • Your pictures give an excellent overview of what Melbourne is about, food and socialising, sport and shopping surrounded by beautiful architecture.
    It is SO nice to reconnect with the spouse. To reconnect with yourself, too. Glad it was an awesome weekend. 🙂

  • I am so happy – Melbourne is a fantastic town – and whilst I was a little worried when you hadn’t written about it now I know why –

    and also?

    You’re posting of “go the fuck to sleep ” saved me this past weekend which was a doozy.


  • Fabulous – so fabulous.

    Homesick now – yeah, thanks for that….

  • Oh those photos will do JUST fine. Meat. And Meat paintings in cool restaurants. Thank you. You know I think that’s the thing I miss most about being a mother to small children – the time with my husband. The just us time. We have snippets every now and then but I really miss him, even though we see each other everyday. What a strange thing that is….glad you got some time together though. Hang onto it x

  • Susan, Mum to Molly

    So glad it was fucking awesome.

    Hopefully there might have been some awesome f….?

    Wink wink.

    Glad you rediscovered each other, and Melbourne (although I suspect it would not have mattered where you went, so long as it was sans kids).

  • I love little alley ways that are choc-a-bloc with interesting little shops. Glad you had fun.

  • I heart Melbourne big, big time. The alleys, the food, the footy… Glad you had a great time.

  • I loved reading your tweets and I loved this post. You so desevred a great weekend. xx