Points of order

Firstly we’re not going to talk about how I didn’t make it to the Top 5 of the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers Ok? OK. We’ll just focus on the lovely things they said about me. *s0b* *wail* *wallow*

Secondly we’re not going to talk about the weekend that was.

The first one with me heading south to visit Dad and S (aka (for the benefit of my mother) he&she who shall not be named) so I was tense in terms of telling Mum we were going and how to tell her we were going to he&she who shall not be named. We got there and basically as soon as the boys feet hit the ground it was game on in terms of squabbling, fighting, bickering, whinging, teasing, tormenting and being generally vile. Now for S and I we can let this wash over us. To an extent. But for HWSNBN it is enough to spark an anxiety attack. Then there was the pressure I was putting on myself as we now don’t see each other that often so I was trying to make it lovely and fun but instead was shouty and drill-sergeanty. Then I burst into tears on S.

So yeah,  we won’t talk about it. Let’s just focus on how lovely it was to go there and hang out. When the boys were at least reenacting Lord of the Flies downstairs or outside.

Thirdly, let’s not talk about how Grover is currently whipping my arse. No. Let’s not talk about he calls his brothers names like ‘stupid, fat, baby’ and ‘slug head’. Or the hitting and general non-compliance at any request. Or that he can not be unsupervised for a minute for fear he will cut off (more) of his hair or cut up a sheet or draw with a Posca pen which I thought I had hidden adequately on himself, his clothing, the walls or furniture.

Let us not talk of such things. Instead we’ll focus on the cheeky monkey aspects of the boy. The one who cried when it rained heavily yesterday morning for fear our house would flood. Or who has the most wickedly adorable smile. Or who plays ‘cooker man’ with an apron and makes a range of concoctions (let us not talk of his ability to turn on the stove) for me to sample ‘for reals’.

Fourthly, let us not talk of my many parenting guilt moments at the moment. Like not reading enough with Jasper, not doing ‘enough’ with Grover, being so impatient with Oscar and having such high expectations on Felix. No let us not go there.

Let us instead rejoice at Felix getting into the extension program at his high school of choice next year.

For the fifth point of order, let’s not get too worried about my MIL ending up in hospital on Sunday due to having pharyngitis after having a call from her oncologist on Saturday saying all her levels were so low that if she even felt mildly unwell to hotfoot it to hospital. After only one round of chemo.

No. Let’s not. Let’s instead focus on that she ‘only’ has three rounds of chemo to go and that hopefully we will all be healthy soon (as opposed to the coughy snotty lot we currently are) and therefore able to see her. Ok? Ok.

And finally let us not dwell on the financial woes – of outstanding fees for schools, gym programs, dance classes or credit card payments. No, let’s just remember that in about three weeks our financial predicament will be eased and such things will be able to be dealt with far more efficiently and with far less stress. Yes. Let’s focus on that.

That and the fact that Chef and I will be heading to Melbourne the weekend after next for four days sans kids to celebrate his impending 40th. A first. The time away with no children I mean, not the 40th, because well, that would be a bit silly. Hop on fella!





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  • It’s an outrage. And after I told people to vote for you over in my neck of the woods. Clearly my minions, I mean readers, aren’t listening to me. But still, Melbourne sounds divine.
    Zoey @ Good Goog recently posted..My Phone is Making Me a Lazy Photographer

    • My initial reaction was not one filled with grace and good sportsmanship. But instead more mopey, cranky self pity with a dash of indignation. GOD, sometimes I disgust even myself.

  • I love your initial reaction or at least I love the honesty with which you admit it.

    I am so glad about the Melbourne trip – because you had to forego the last one and because you will not know yourself.

    Hop on fella indeed!
    Mary recently posted..Inside my Head

  • Hop on fella! love it x
    Emmasbrain recently posted..This does not suck

  • I’m glad we aren’t focusing on any of that stuff because, jeez, it’s making me a little anxious. I also LOVE that we had the same pathetic reaction to the Kidspot thing. I was SO ready to have that car and feel valued and important by someone OTHER than my kids. Simple really.

    And Melbourne? DON’T GET PREGNANT.
    BabyMacBeth recently posted..At least I know Im not alone

    • Dude, I would have driven the SHIT out of that car. Which probably means it’s a good thing I didn’t win.

      Oh and Chef’s boys don’t swim anymore. We shut the gate firmly after the horse had bolted.

  • Happy 40th to Chef. It sounds like you guys definitely need a break!
    Bronnie recently posted..Sick days

  • Welcome to Melbourne!
    (Bring lots of thermal underwear… it’s freezing at the moment.)
    Frogdancer recently posted..Monday afternoon

  • So, to summarise: we’re not talking. Is that right?
    Right. Off I go then…..
    river recently posted..Look at what I bought in Coles

  • My initial reaction was also not full of grace and good sportsmanship. I believe my exact words were “Kim was robbed.” And you know how I’m usually really “nice” and “lovely”.

    But we’re not talking about that, so I’ll shut up.

    e x

    • I’m still muttering a similar phrase under my breath. Maybe with a few more profanities. Because I am ALWAYS so so gracious.

  • Paola

    I won’t utter a word.

    But please OH please DO make the best of those days with Chef! Have fun, laugh, walk hand in hand, cuddle …
    Happy 40th Chef!

  • I almost didn’t make it to that last paragraph.
    blackbird recently posted..I think its planetary

  • hugs! totally relate to number 4 as my twins watch ABC2 today for the millionth morning in a row! keira is their entertainment co-ordinator!
    just count those days to melbourne! oh and I am the biggest drain on finances here – no one else to blame but me and my spending!

    love the look of the bread recipe! must try it!


  • bugga bugga bugga
    did i mention bugga??

    hugs my friend.
    pixie recently posted..The Bunny Mahal