Show and tell

So while there are all manner of things going on in my life I can not control I decided to wrestle back some piece of mind by dealing with two projects that had been sitting and staring at me for months. Behold:

Niamh’s quilt:

Kill – I promise I will post it next week.

Grover’s quilt:

He adores it and keeps wanting me to FIXIT! on his bed so there are no bumps. I think it looks fantastic but do not look closely at the binding attachment. I was so over it by then even I was astounded at my dodgy work.

A face washer:

I used to rib PeaSoup Suse something chronic about her crocheted face washers (face cloths to some) – but she and many MANY other crafty types kept saying to me, have you used one? Once you use one you will never ever go back to using one made of towelling.

And you know what? They’re totally right. There’s something about them – that they’re soft but textured, that they feel beautiful against your skin, that there is something so fulfilling about using something daily that you made – that is quietly addictive.

The one above is made with Pakucho Organic Cotton and the difference between ones made with this compared to ones made with other, still high quality but different cotton yarn, is remarkable. I know there are technical reasons for this but attempting to explain that with my limited yarn knowledge would both be confusing to you, embarrassing to me and insufferable to yarn nerds. So I’ll spare you all the details.

So you see, good comes from difficult times. There’s also been some baking. AND I went for a run today.


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  • I am majorly impressed with you.

    knitted washcloths are FAB!!!!!
    pixie recently posted..Entitlement

  • Oh I love Grovers quilt!! LOVE!!

  • Kill

    Very very exciting. Nifty has been sleeping atrociously for a month, and I just know this delicious, made-with-love quilt will sort her out in no time. And very happy the crafting is helping to restore your sense of self, order, control and industry.

  • Oh lovely stuff- and I have some of that pink goldilocks and three bears fabric in Grace’s quilt – love those japanese fabrics. I imagine Grover’s quilt is little-boy heaven.
    Julie recently posted..Thoughts on Childrens Birthday Party Activities

  • I’m very impressed with your quilts. Some time ago, I was also impressed with people who were knitting their own dishcloths and I decided I’d do the same. Bought the cotton, made the dishcloth and it was too pretty to use for scrubbing plates. So now it’s a doll blanket.

  • Wow – I’m impressed.
    Melody recently posted..Junie B

  • hm, my posts keep disappering… annoying! Anyway, LOVE it and must know what you’re working on next. xx
    Amelia recently posted..The Reading List

  • knittingrid

    Wow, your quilts are marvellous. Finishing a lingering project (or 2) helps a lot, doesn’t it?

  • Beautiful work. And a great way to balance the yukkies elsewhere. I’m so impressed. You are one awesomely grounded mamma!
    Catch the Kids recently posted..Old Dogs and Happy Hearts – The Sequel

  • My LORD! I just zoomed the picture and they’re hand quilted! *bows very low*
    Catch the Kids recently posted..Old Dogs and Happy Hearts – The Sequel

    • No, not hand quilted. Machine quilted but by me. On Mum’s 40 year old Pfaff.

  • Ha. Ha! See? You should have believed me, but no, you had to scoff!

    (Love those quilts too btw)
    Suse recently posted..jammin

  • Linda

    you are not one to sit around are you?

  • I am completely addicted to those facecloths/flannels/washers.
    blackbird recently posted..yesterday

  • I love quilts. My MIL makes them and we have plenty to go around at home. The one on my bed is old, fades, and frayed, but I can not part with it… I fed my babies under it’s warmth for one thing.
    As for the crochet face washers – I want! Perhaps I might attempt one myself… you never know It may be finished by the time I am 175!
    Excellent news on the running too… I’ve got to get back out there, too many cobwebs in my head, I need to run them out.
    Naomi recently posted..Grateful for sunshine

  • Linda

    totally unrelated topic –

    i know that TwoMonkeys Fabric Shop is holding an auction for Team Oscar – but for the life of me i cannot figure out how to place a bid – please explain!

    (day 7 of low carb and NO alcohol and brains have turned to mush…or is it day 6?…)

  • Hello, I’m new to knitting and want to make a facewasher with some organic cotton I have at home. I don’t like the examples I’ve seen that are made using garter stitch. I’d love to know what pattern you used – because I would’ve thought a simple rib stitch would curl up rather than lie flat, so I’m wondering how you did it! Cheers