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You know how I often get my stomp on about disability services and how poorly they are funded while we spend gagillions on helping a handful of people run faster and jump higher and pedal quicker for a medallion they get to keep along with the bagillion they’ll make in product endorsements? Yeah that.

Well this is different! Today we’re shining a light on one of the big end of town players that is doing something to benefit many! Yay! Jog it in guys, jog it in.

You see, Westfield (you can find your nearest one here) are holding a major national fundraising event across ALL of its shopping centres in Australia. ALL of them.

GiveAbility Day will be held on Saturday, 21 May and 100% (ONE HUNDRED PER CENT DUDES) of all donations will provide much needed funds for local children’s disability service providers in the community.

You know this is ticking all the boxes for me don’t you – local community supporting those services working in the local community.

Despite feeling intense isolation and difference when you have a child with special needs, 1 in 14 children are diagnosed as living with a disability. For the last four years the Westfield Community Program has supported children with disabilities and their families and with Give Ability Day it’s taking it one step further.

You see, most of us have ‘give ability’ – the ability to donate what we can to help give:

  • the ability for kids to take part in fun activities,
  • respite care so parents and carers can take a break too
  • new programs and facilities to be set up.

So wherever you live, on Saturday 21 May head to your local Westfield and use your give ability, however big or small that may be. There will be volunteers on hand to collect donations as well as raffles and other special events to mark the day.

The boys and I will be descending on Westfield Hornsby to lend our support, which is code for ‘Food Court: assume the crash position’. If you are there and see a maelstrom then please, come and say hi. But wherever you are, get thee along to support your local community and your local Westfield.

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  • Grumpy Mum

    Meh… Why am I not excited about this?

    100% of Donations you say? So what are Westfield actually doing?? Collecting the money the local community are expected to dig deep and donate…

    That’s all? They’re not actually donating any of their profit/rent received?? So… its costing them: zilch (ok, maybe a bit in admin).

    Not much of an effort or grand gesture IMO… Sorry. Not good enough Westfield. How about an actual proportion of the insane amount of money spent in your establishments on the average winter Saturday?

    • You know I hear you on that – about corporations giving money from their own profits and I think in Australia companies fall way behind in any sort of philanthropic sense of duty.

      The reason I chose to accept this – and promote it – was because it is doing something to ‘promote’ (bad word but can’t think of the one I want) the need of the disabled in the community.

      I think it is a good way of reminding all of us – at the epicentre of consumerism and materialism – that there are bigger concerns and causes than getting the latest look this season.

  • Linda

    I also hear Grumpy Mum. But I would like to add to the debate.

    My children attend a not-for-profit local community kindergarten and back then one of our ways of raising funds from the wider community was to sell raffle tickets at our local shopping centre. We had to plead our case to be given a spot next to the exit door in the basement carpark. As far as the larger shopping centres all space is ‘money’ as is ‘signage’ So in this case I am choosing to use the glass half full approach and give Westfield a tick for their support.

    If there are those among us who have issues with the concept, however, wish to show support in another way we can always hit the little yellow button on the top right hand corner of this page and donate.

    (or email Kim for her banking details as I did – due to my issues with PayPal…the bastards!!!)

    Kim I am sorry if I have hijacked your comments but if you delete me I give you my word that I WILL find you and I WILL dump my 2 sons on your front doorstep as revenge…:)

    And to Grumpy Mum…I admire your attitude and mean no offence.

  • Linda

    bugger! note to self….proof read BEFORE hitting the Post Comment button.

    if you can fill in the missing words you are doing well

    time for a caffine hit me thinks.

  • Grumpy Mum

    Absolutely no offence taken, as you said Linda – just want to open/add to the debate.

    I think its really important that the public, in particular those who do choose to donate this Saturday, go into this with their eyes open – e.g. Westfield are not matching their givings…

    Now that is something I’d get excited about (and donate to)!

    Take care girls, hope you got that caffeine Linda…

    • Ooh yeah, matching what’s donated. I like that idea. A lot.