Felix is 11 today. He decided to celebrate by letting one of his bodily organs almost explode. Dudes, can you imagine what he’s going to do to mark turning 16? Don’t answer that.

I thought I’d take a look back through the vault at past celebrations:

Now we are 6


Eight – a photographic passage of time

Nine – by me

Nine – by Felix

And ten, well ten, while momentous was over-shadowed with Oscar’s surgeries.

So here we are. The last year of primary school. Hair that despite his protestations totally has the Beiber Fever. A boy in so many ways and yet so almost a teenager well and truly. My guy. My love for him makes my chest explode daily. Messy but necessary.




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  • It’s just all about the exploding organs with you guys isn’t it – hearts and appendixes. have a great birthday Felix, and hope you’re healing well.
    Alison recently posted..small stacks

  • Happy birthday Felix! And well done Kim. You make and raise beautiful boys
    Reemski recently posted..Remy and Lee’s Peanut Butter and Jam Muffins

  • He is gorgeous, glad he is OK now, HB little dude.

  • happy birthday!!!!!
    pixie recently posted..The Beach

  • Happy birthday Felix! Now he goes to eleven! I think he needs a shirt that says, “I turned eleven and all I got was this appendectomy scar.” (Hope he’s recovering well, by the way.)(Oh, and you too.)
    Kathy recently posted..Coffee and me

  • Mrs Woog

    Go Felix. Life is better without your appendix x

  • Happiest of birthdays to Felix. So sorry about the appendix drama…which I missed. Hope the birthday boy’s feeling better soon. Appendixes are overrated. We should all just ditch ours now.

    PS-Justin Bieber’s got nothing on Felix.
    eurolush recently posted..Fog- Lightning Bolts- Sunshine- Neighbors- Pussy Willows- A Goose &amp A Bikini

  • Linda

    the look he is directing towards the photographer kinda sums it all up

    did he score an ordinary birthday cake or was it in the allcomsumming style? (insert mental image of the penis cake)

    • I KNOW – I felt so bad that I didn’t make him a penis cake. There’s a choc-almond fudge cake in the oven instead. A bit late but hey, it just means his birthday keeps on giving.

  • Kill

    I am hoping there was a birthday cake in the shape of a swollen appendix – maybe brownish, reddish icing – that would be choice! Although, given the chain of events leading to this auspicious occassion I would even condone a store bought cake (gasp – I know dark desperate times indeed)

  • Happy Day, sweet boy.

  • Aw…happy birthday!

    Whenever I see 17 year old boys, I can’t imagine my boys being that big. But one day…they will be.

    Jodie Ansted recently posted..Step Back in TimeThe 1920s

    • I KNOW- that was how I felt when looking at high schools for Felix last term – all these BIG boys (aka men) – just their physical presence, let alone the body hair, odiferous concerns and deep voices. Ridiculous.