Another day another ego boost

Well regular readers know that the last two weeks have been a bit of a shocker in this house, so how lovely is this!

Last year kidspot launched their Top 50 bloggers and man I was kinda gutted I wasn’t on the list. What a difference a year makes. The growth and dynamic nature of the Australian blogging community has clearly been having a fair suck on the sauce bottle and gone off like a frog in a sock in the last twelve months. There have been competitions and conferences and some more competitions and some more unashamed begging on my part for you to go vote for me. You can do that this time as well if you like but quite frankly even I am bored by my self-promotion.

This is my corner of the world where friendships have been forged and a life celebrated in all its shades of colour. I am proud of it, even the ugly bits, and knowing I have it makes me happy and my world a little smaller and (normally) less scary.

So if you’re here via Kidspot, hi, come on it. I swear a bit and sometimes it can all go a little haywire but we normally find a way to laugh about it.

If you’re here, as you have been, for the gazillionth time over the last several years well, you know how much I love and treasure your companionship along this road of mine.




(But dudes, it turns out I can TOTALLY win FIVE GRAND and a FORD TERRITORY to drive around FOR A WHOLE FREAKIN’ YEAR so go vote and comment heaps because apparently that shows just how much you really do love me. A CAR-  for a YEAR!!! Can you imagine, my four boys, one car, one year – they’re never going to want it back – Bwahahahahahahahahaha!)

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  • WTG Kim!!!!!!!

  • I had to vote because who could resist the idea of you and the boys offering to hand back the car and seeing the car rep’s face??!!
    mary Canning recently posted..The Winner

    • I KNOW!!! Priceless.

      Still – it’d be a good selling point – you know, that is is virtually indestructible.

  • susan

    Blimey, if anyine deserves a car it is you! Love your blog, am a longtime lurker. susan

  • Linda

    too easy! one “click” to the site and one more “click” to vote for you.

    love one of those cars myself – reckon the seat would be the right height to allow me to gracefully slide my fat arse into the driver’s seat – would look much better than my current ‘reverse, lower and plop’ action. (a moment’s silence for all of the sunglasses that i have landed on killed)

  • Paola

    Done and … priceless indeed …

  • You’ve got my vote – possibly the only Cat to have done so. My blog is only two months old, but amazing and funny … come visit and smile. I hope to be on the list next year. Love your blog … you are strong and special. P.S. Did you catch the other guinea pigs?
    Lily recently posted..Honey- we’re Home

  • I want to know who their going to try and sell the car to when you hand it back??? maybe they can onsell it as a ‘demo’ model;)
    twomonkeys recently posted..Welcome to Two Monkeys

  • Great to see you on the list, Kim!
    Megan @ Writing Out Loud recently posted..Help me win a New Ford Territory for a Year and 5-000

  • Erin H

    Done! Good luck, Kim!

  • I would feel sorry for the car if I won. But I still want to win it. Wish there was one for ALL of us!
    Bronnie recently posted..Bronnie and the City- Part One