In which I pop my book launch cherry

Last week I attended my first ever book launch. I KNOW. I have totally made it people. No one’s gonna stop me now!

It was a classy, intimate affair with French champagne served in tumblers, the best canapes and the cutest little cupcakes I had to have many an internal dialogue about not gorging on infront of total strangers.

Believe it or not I had a moment of panic as I parked the car, realising a) this was a fairly intimate gathering and b) the only person I knew was the author and well, she would probably be in fairly hot demand and OH.MY.GOD. what the hell was I thinking.

Then, in my fairly standard response, I just thought fuck it, got out of the car, and barrelled on in.

I was saved relatively early on in the piece by the Mighty Sarah and she blessedly introduced me to another fabric designer Saffron Craig and well, the two of us then heaved a collective sigh of relief and never left each other’s side for the rest of the evening.

Sarah Fielke is just a creative master. The end. Her Material Obsession books were the first I bought for quilting and are my absolute favourites. Oh the possibilities they present.  Naturally I haven’t made any of them. Typical.

Her latest book is again, beautiful and inspiring and accessible and all the rest. She is my age. How crushing is that. All I’ve managed to produce are four offspring while here she is with a family and books and how the HELL does she sustain this creative output. Inspiring and baffling all at the same time.

Here I am looking like a cross between Rizzo and Chenille from Janelle’s House de Beauty and Hair Removal.

And here I am, taking it just too too far:

Kim pretending to know what the hell she’s talking about from Kim at allconsuming on Vimeo.


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  • I’ve the first Material Obsession book and, like you, it was my first quilting book. Very lovely work. And I reckon everyone has those little internal battles in the car before going into these sorts of things…that minute where I seriously consider just turning round and going home, the relief to find someone to attach to, the fear that I am attaching to them whilst them might be wanting to get away from me…oh yeah,been there.
    Julie recently posted..Ruby Red

  • Chenille! Too funny Kim. I’d rather look like Rizzo I think.
    I adore quilts, although the thought of actually making one, a proper one like those obviously are, scares me witless.
    The getting out of the car thing? Julie’s on the money. I reckon we all go through that. The cupcake thing too, although self control rarely wins for me.
    Stacey recently posted..offended

  • Intimidated by a gathering? Honey, I’ve seen you dance with a cleaning appliance while a crowd cheered you on. God, I used to quilt. I used to have time to quilt. Oh, the things I used to have time for…
    Wanderlust recently posted..Blood Red Life

    • Dude, I don’t dance with cleaning appliances, that is Sawhole’s domain. I am the Footloose Queen. And dude, make time. Making things makes everything better. Even just a little hand stitching in front of the tele at night.

      Pfft listen to me. As if I know.

  • You crack me up. Cannot stop laughing.

    You are hilarious x
    Kate recently posted..Show &amp Tell-

  • Gorgeous!

    Gosh I wish I was crafty and could sew. I can barely turn up the kids’ school pants, and really – they wouldn’t want to be looked at too closely. Dod-gy.

    I totally bought that you knew what you were saying, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished products. Let’s see…four weeks’ time? That oughta do it, hey?

    It’s a date.

    • OH DUDE – you should have seen my hemming efforts on a pair of Oscar’s pants last year – I measured, measured again, pinned, measured again, hemmed and voila, one pant leg a good EIGHT cm shorter than the other.

  • Kim, do you have any idea how beautiful you are? I mean it – inside and out. You are so goddamn pretty.

    And you have a blog category called “That’ll do, pig – that’ll do?” I LOVE YOU ALL OVER AGAIN.
    edenland recently posted..Minor Things

  • I agree with Eden – you are totally gorgeous! BTW did you take a photo of the cupcakes, I need to make some for my launch and am looking for inspiration.
    PlanningQueen recently posted..Traveling With Kids Overseas

  • Well done on getting ‘short-listed’ for Australia’s Best Blog’. I popped in an entry too – but I think you actually need people to be following and commenting! How do you get that audience? Love the idea of a short film clip – I’m gonna try that next! Good luck will ‘click’ on you for ‘people’s choice’. Colleen x

    • Oh man, thank you so much – and I’m heading over to visit right now!

  • How beautiful does that book look?
    I’m laughing at your social panic. I’m hopeless in social situations and, like you, would be thanking my lucky stars for finding a kindred spirit.
    PS. Congrats on making the Best Australian Blogs finalists list too!

  • How beautiful YOU look.
    I’m always so happy to see you.
    blackbird recently posted..across the world

  • What a fun night. You are the best. 🙂 Sorry it took me so long to reply, I missed this post. x