School’s out for Easter…

We’re staring down the barrel of NINETEEN days of school holidays this Easter break. An outrage I tell you. Oh sure, normally it’s seventeen days but those extra two are the difference between a habit and an addiction.

School finished at 3.10 Friday afternoon.

By 10am Saturday morning I was tearing shreds off the offspring.

It culminated with me screaming calling all the children who were by now hiding in various places around the house to the kitchen where I had hastily put up some new house rules. Such was my PMT anger I almost misspelled vacuum. Now that’s saying something.

Today the Playstation controls got thrown to the back of the top of our wardrobe and was banned for the rest of the holidays.

A slippery slope people, a very slippery slope.

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  • I’m astounded that it’s school holidays already. Didn’t we just have christmas last week??
    river recently posted..lunch with no-one- but not by myself

  • And with plenty of rain forecast for the next couple of weeks I and glad that bubbles are back on the menu for me. Hopefully, I can avoid leaning heavily on chocolate to get me from 3-5pm 🙂
    Amelia recently posted..6 weeks

  • Siobhan

    My big fella has already been sent to Gran & Papa’s in disgrace! I hear ya! (And apparently he took the Xbox cord, so his brothers couldn’t play it whle he was gone!)

  • Leanne

    You poor bugger! Ours only get 12 days and that doesn’t start till Friday…gooooood luck!

  • I hear fly paper is considered part of children’s art and NOT the physical restraint it oh-so-easily turns into…..
    Jayne recently posted..TTFN

  • The notion that vacuum has two u’s is ridiculous.
    blackbird recently posted..and- truthfully- we are fine with The Dutch

    • I adore the word vacuum simply for the fact it thumbs its nose at the world with two u’s

  • Di

    I like your three rules. Cuts through the minutae of whatever the current argument/issue is and brings it down to basics. Good luck with it all….
    Di recently posted..Today I

    • Exactly. I think I need to add – NO HITTING – to the list though. And NO BITING on a special list for Grover. The delinquent.

  • Finally delurking to say that I love you. Very much.

    • Well you know, being one constantly seeking love and adoration, I’m ever so glad you did. Unless this is actually a spam message, which then makes me look like a complete git. But I don’t think it is…