so yeah, have you voted? Because I’m pretty darn premenstrual at the moment and the fact I am SO.FAR.BEHIND the current front runners is making my standard monthly wallow in the Pool of Paranoia is positively scalding.

Onto FAR more important things, look at what we got on the weekend:

Boooork Boooork Booorrrk!

Chickens! Chooks! The Girls! LAYdies!

Aren’t they gorgeous in a skeevy gorgeous kinda way!?!

Here’s their house:

That green box lid thingy you can see near the lime tree is the guinea pigs cage – the two species are happily living together. So far. The piggies are in space heaven, coming out and running around and squealing and jumping and just being generally adorable in that I’m-not-a-rodent kind of way. Can you believe they’re all still alive! Even more surprising, can you believe I haven’t given them away!

Anyway, back to the chooks.

I wanted to call them Drumstick, Cripsy Fried and Honey Soy but apparently that was ‘mean’. So they’re Daisy, Lily and Rosie. SNORE.

I am, of course, rather obsessed with them. Their first night involved me going out, at midnight, to see where they were roosting. I know. Send help.

This is Rosie. Or Lily. Or Daisy.

They are Australorps. Australia’s National Breed of Poultry. Apparently. It’s also a ‘bird of curves‘ which seems appropriate. They are known for being quite docile and good layers. Also appropriate. Well, maybe not the docile part. Ours are about 6-8 weeks off laying so at the moment there’s  just a lot of us clucking around them. We’re all quite smitten.



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  • jac

    Chickerens! I am tres jealous.

  • bwaarrrk………..bwaaarrrkk

    cute chookies!!!

  • Lovely chooks. And by “chooks,” I mean “chickens.” Because chooks are chickens and not children. I learned that last week. 😉

  • I love our chooks! One of ours is called “Bok-bok” 🙂
    Hope you enjoy yours!

  • Cellobella

    Gorgeous! I especially like Rosie…or Lily… or Daisy…




    Of course I voted.
    Cellobella recently posted..At Ezra Pound

  • Fi

    What a group of gorgeous gals!! And that ‘coop’ is divine!!! You’re gonna have eggs coming out your ears when they do start laying – they’re staying in the bloody luxury suite of hen houses!!! And are obviously adored 🙂
    Oh…BTW…I mentioned you on my blog today! Thought I’d better actually let you know! LOL

  • Linda

    That is one amazingly awesome chook-run you have there.

    You do realise that you can now proudly claim to be a “Poultry Fancier”.

  • oh
    blackbird recently posted..Im wearing a pedometer

  • Di

    My mum’s three (not sure what breed, but not Australoops) are called Flopsy Mopsy and Cottontail. With the same distinguishing issue.
    Di recently posted..A budding artist

  • You are my hero. Daisy is DESPERATE for chooks and even though we most certainly have the space…let’s wait a while shall we? YOU can make all the mistakes and I can smugly sit back watching how to do it. So thank YOU. Also, she wants a Guinea Pig and she had already named it Rosie. I’m just going to let her on here to look at this entry. Again, thank YOU.
    BabyMacBeth recently posted..A study in brown

  • I would have totally called one ‘Butter’ cause it SOUNDS cute but is actually sinister cause butter chicken is like THE BOMB.

    Literally. I think I put too much spice in mine. Whatever…

    I also wanted to say that the best part of your posts (I mean they are totally freaking awesome and the shit and everything OF COURSE) but MY FAVOURITE part is the end where you say ‘onward’ and I yell it out with my fist in the air.

    Kinda makes me glad I can’t read blogs at work.
    Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo recently posted..I swear on my shoes I wasn’t drinking

  • I LOVE the names you chose. Drumstick, Crispy Fried and Honey Soy.
    Daisy, Lily and Rosie sound so …pedestrian.
    river recently posted..totally tired tuesday ramblings

  • I’m jealous … we would love to have chooks. We do however, have guinea pigs! They are totally cute aren’t they?
    bronnie recently posted..Autism is not just for a day- its for life

  • Paola

    So, who’s gonna cook ’em? grin

  • I’ve voted. 🙂
    And I love your name suggestions. Just the sort of thing I would name mine if I had some!

  • Lovey I voted the first day. good luck you can catch up.
    Reality Raver recently posted..Dancing With The Stars – 1 Million Bet On Brynne Edelsten To Win

  • Lovly to meet you last night I had so much fun. Hope you made it home easily. Thanks for sharing the photographs of your little chooks. Come to think of it we never named our chickens.

  • Lovely chooks.

    I’ll go vote straight away.
    Rengøring recently posted..Mors dag – Kort- blomster og gaver

  • Brian

    Are the pigs living in the old compost heap?

    • YUP! although that compost heap was long-ago replaced with this other completely useless cockroach infested bin thing – eugh. So now, the guinea piggies and the chookies are all living together in happiness. Seriously. It’s quite remarkable to watch.