The week so far

It appears Oscar is exploring the concept of ‘school avoidance’ by feigning illness. It’s happened twice in the last week and while he is slightly headcold-ish it is certainly not at a level requiring being off school. That said I took him to the GP on Monday and for the first time in our entire working relationship he put Oscar on antibiotics ‘just in case’. I believe it has all been a ruse to get me up to the school – something Oscar has been asking me about incessantly which I have been replying to with the details of when I am helping on canteen and HOLY CRAP KID STOP ASKING ALREADY.

So yesterday he was home ‘sick’ and while I was at a high school open day with Felix (OMG) he downloaded a $70 game on the xBox (Lego Batman I believe). He knew exactly what he was doing as a few weeks ago one of the boys across the road had done something similar. We had put all the passwords and stopgaps in place after that (which had only been $8) but then it meant the boys couldn’t load games and videos on their own and because we.trusted.them we took the password protection off.

Let’s just say: so.much.trouble.

For him and for us in that I now have the princely sum of $100 to feed the whole family for the next week.

I guess you can say hunger is a form of punishment.

On a brighter note, Felix and I checked out our preferred choice for him for high school yesterday and he loved it. Loved it. Very exciting indeed.

Chef is tired and needs servicing.

The service centre is closed indefinitely due to exhaustion and general maintenance.

I’m tired.

Felix is making nachos for dinner tonight – it’s a homework assignment! He has to make nachos for the family then provide the recipe and how he made it. Don’t you reckon it’s a great way for a teacher to collect a range of recipes. Or is that just me.

It is now officially Autumn. To mark this event the weather yesterday was in the 30s and outrageously humid. Today is grey and cool. I am much relieved.

I haven’t been for a run since last Wednesday. I feel like my joints are tired.

I’m tired. Can you tell?