Every Wednesday Oscar’s school has Shop. Shop is their version of canteen. Each class comes in an orderly fashion and the kids can buy some lunch or a treat.

Yesterday was the first time I helped out and as the boys’ primary school doesn’t have a canteen I was pretty darn excited.

Along with four other mums we got the various offerings ready and then the kids came.

Oscar’s class and some of the girls in it who know we were positively apoplectic with excitement about me being there and well, it was just an awesome experience.

These kids. With all their challenges and deficits and impediments and whatever other speed hump their body and mind decided to throw at themselves. Up at the counter. Saying hello, saying who they were (so if they’d ordered something we knew to get it) and then working out the correct money to hand over. Mr B and each classroom’s aide were there helping them if need be.

I just felt like my heart was going to explode and turned to one of the other mums and said as much. Then made a comment about what a special place this school is.

And then proceeded to cause both of us to burst into tears.

So while M from 9M was trying to hand over the correct coinage for his sausage roll and strawberry milk I was facing the other way frantically fanning my face and wiping away tears.

Because I’m an absolute idiot for this place.