Good vs Bad

My new reality is being up generally before 6am. Sometimes before 5am. Because now I am one of those people I love to hate who gets up for the sole purpose of exercising. SNORE.

This early rising palaver has good and bad points.

The good:
– the washing gets done in a timely fashion
– everyone gets breakfast
– there is no manic rushing out the door when it’s time to go (which totally kills my theory that irrespective of how early you get ready when herding kids out of the house it has to be manic and stressful and involve shouting. Damn it.)
– lunches are made in a methodical fashion rather than just randomly throwing shit into brown paper bags and hoping for the best.
– you can, like this morning, have two batches of muffins – savoury and sweet varieties – made by 7:15.

The bad:
– on those mornings your children decide, on rising, to be complete turd burgers the two or more hours to school can seem like an awfully long time.

Some form of morning cocktail would be appreciated. NOW.