More insufferable pandering to my ever-growing ego

I KNOW – just when you thought it had all died down and posting would resume the standard ‘guess what fresh hell befell us today’ (more on that in the next post) here I am again begging – yes begging – you for more public displays of love and adoration.

Basically I’m shit scared of coming in last.

Which kinda guarantees that’s where I’ll be and then we’ll all reminisce about that time I was up for Most Popular Teen Idol but all I got was an incredibly strong likeness caricature.


which, come to think of it is pretty bloody freaking cool.


Aussie Home Loan Finder is sponsoring the Aussie Mummy Bloggers with the X-Factor Awards. Granted, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but hey, if you all go and tick the Facebook ‘like’ button on the page and click the Twitter button (if you tweet) then I could win an iPad2. I KNOW. I don’t even have an iPad1!

So, click here, click what you need to click (they’re in the top left corner) and then go tell all your family members, friends, office colleagues, neighbours, the person next to you on the train or bus and anyone else who listens and seems compliant  to do the same.


Please don’t let me lose.




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  • hey I voted from work – does that mean I can vote from home too?

  • jac

    I re-tweeted. Is that a vote? I feel like an old person. GET OFF MY LAWN.
    jac recently posted..Photo- Friday

  • Yes, well, at least you got a face… I got caricature legs. L.E.G.S. And shoes. Must stop tweeting about shoes.

    Oh, and good luck, and don’t worry, I find in these things I usually come last, but at least I have legs. And shoes. And wine.
    Naomi recently posted..Hump Day Happiness – the Anniversary edition

  • Kim, who are those people clamouring for pie ? They scare me. I voted.
    jodie recently posted..Heavens to Betsy !

  • You got my vote babe. And your caracture thingo is bloody brilliant! xx

  • Paola

    I voted but I can’t “like” you as I am not on facebook or twitter. Does it count anyway??? I sure hope so …

  • I always come in about 3rd last in these things… but you know what? Even if I come in dead last that makes me #23… how freakin cool is that?! The caricatures were done before I put my photo up – I thought only the winner got one done – so I’m a bird and a baby 🙂
    Glowless recently posted..X-Factor

  • Voted! Only took me a couple of days to figure out how – doh!
    And don’t they know that the expression is ‘no-holds-barred’? A wrestling term that I am sure they should have gotten right given your boys penchant for wrestling on the tramp, on the lounge, in the house, in the yard, etc, etc.
    PS Did you find the platters I left at your door? Thanks for the cake and slice – too delish!!
    Amelia recently posted..Point and Shoot

  • Consider yourself LIKED.
    Nessaknit recently posted..Horsing Around and Other Matters