the demise

Do you remember several weeks ago I mentioned that my washing machine was making weird noises? I’d find the post for you but you know, that would take effort.

Do you remember last week when I told you I rang our cheap friendly washing machine repair man and he told me it was the bearings? And that as it was a front loader I should forget about it and buy a new one?

The do you remember how I found out the part that needs replacing costs all of $60-something so AS IF I was going to buy a whole new machine and GODDAMMIT I’ll fix it myself?


About that.  . .


RIP my friend. Your service was as valued as it was necessary.


Those bearings which refused to budge after a week of WD40-ing, hammering and being sworn at can go fuck themselves though.


Yeah. Onward.

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  • Tanya Bangay

    Points for trying. I don’t think I would have even attempted it.

    • We were so close! But the bearings just would not move. My dad said I needed to heat it ever so slightly but there was no way I was going near any of it with a naked flame after the amount of WD40 we’d been spraying on it!

  • hairdryer !
    jodie recently posted..I am so sacked

  • I’m sure it served you well.
    blackbird recently posted..trench

    • I tried to tally up just how many loads it has done in that 6 year period, working of a minimum two loads a day. Made my head hurt.

  • Oooooh fuck. That looks bad?
    Veronica recently posted..Not having fun

  • The old girl has served you well, I often feel sorry for our washing machine, a couple of loads a day every day of the year required. xx
    Amelia recently posted..Point and Shoot

  • oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pixie recently posted..A typical night

  • they are just not made to last these days
    Sam @ Learn. Create. Do. recently posted..Project 365 – Day 84

    • The dude at Good Guys was telling me today – buy a mid-range machine and expect 6-8 years out of it, max. Buy a top of the range and expect 15-25. I mean, I guess that makes but I kinda think that in the good ol days they were all built to last a lifetime, irrespective of cost.

  • Paola

    I remember it all and SORRY for your loss. Washing machines are like family members.

  • I am so in love with your optimism!! There’s not many of us out there who would look at their washing machine and think ‘yeah, I can totally fix that!’.
    Props to you, player!!
    keepcatebusy (Cate) recently posted..Day 178 – hooray for coffee

    • oh bless you – it was more out of necessity than a sense of optimism but hey, I really did think we’d do it. Until those bloody bearings revealed they weren’t moving for quids.

  • Last time I saw the insides of a washer like that was when the Feral Boy child was taking my last mofo machine to pieces and turning it into a compost bin.
    You’re a braver woman than me tackling bearing replacement!
    Good luck with your new family member when it arrives 🙂
    Jayne recently posted..I give up! And Im frigging bloody happy!

  • You know, you have my sympathy/empathy when I read about your difficult days, but when I think of a household of 6 trying to manage without a washing machine, my heart breaks a tiny bit for you…..
    Julie recently posted..I walk the line

  • So impressed that you pulled it apart in the first place. 🙂
    Devi recently posted..Chiro- beloved Chiro- here I come!

  • Those bearings that won’t budge are exactly why you need specialist repairmen, the damn things are built that way on purpose.
    How old was your machine? My front loader is built to withstand 15 years of daily heavy duty use, and since it doesn’t get used daily I expect it to last forever. It’s currently 14-15 years old, has moved house with me 4 times and still works like a charm.
    river recently posted..coupla dayzbewdiful

  • My lord. You took it apart?

    The Coffee Lady recently posted..Teaching an old fish new tricks

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  • I bought a top of the range machine and got…5 1/2 years. Bah! Apparently, you need a special tool to undo the bearing bit. Figures.
    Catch the Kids recently posted..The Big Trip