ego unleashed

Yesterday I had more than 1,000 hits on my blog. That has never EVER happened.

I am still trying to get through all my new Twitter followers.

I am still smiling.

I can only imagine how insufferable I am to those around me.

Isn’t it delicious!


Oh – for photographic evidence of me cutting up the dance floor to Footloose, go here. I pissed myself laughing at me. No shame, pure joy and hilarity. It’s been a long long time between dances.

Here’s a teaser:

Captured in all my glory by Fiona Lumsdaine



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  • Mrs Woog

    It is because you are so good – and your live blog reading was outstanding x

  • Sainthood will be next.
    Nessaknit recently posted..Enrolments are now OPEN for the Gunning Patchwork Weekend

  • I can’t stop smiling for you.

    1,000?!! I’ll bring the red carpet along on Thursday.
    Eleanor recently posted..Oscars II

  • What Woog said! xo

  • It’s because you are beautiful inside and out and we all gravitate to your light.xx
    Tiff recently posted..The church on the hill

  • Just when I think I have come back down to earth, I see more photos!

    Oh, and what Mrs Woog said.
    Naomi recently posted..Treadmill running- the good- the bad- the emergency stop button

  • I think you’ll find it’s because I linked to you on MY blog. It’s actually all about ME Kimmy.


  • Oh great. So now I have to start saying, I knew her before she was famous. And people will think *I* am the wanker.
    sooz recently posted..noodle

    • OH NO WAY Dude, you are part of the very special True Believers.

  • I think you look FABULOUS.

    That’s a lovely dress btw.
    blackbird recently posted..seen and heard

    • Thanks bloss-do you remember just before I really lost my shit in 2008 when I bought all those new clothes for work when we could least afford it? Yeah, they’re from then. Totally worth it.

  • You are awesome and amazing and everything. So glad I know you. xx
    Annieb25 recently posted..Finding my tribe

    • It was AWESOME to meet you in the flesh. Just the best.

  • You so totally rocked footloose!!
    And I couldn’t find anywhere on your blog to follow you, so I’ve just had to settle with subscribing (not quite the same as seeing your own little thumbnail on blogs you love…but it will have to do!!)
    keepcatebusy (Cate) recently posted..Day 172 – ausblogcon fancy pants

    • Howdy – think it’s because it’s a wordpress blog not a blogger (google) blog so the little followy thing doesn’t exist. Am setting up a Facebook page to you know, continue the world domination.

  • Paola

    Exactly what Bb said.

  • Way to go, Kim!
    Sarah recently posted..Going bush

  • Hey good on you, fabulous news and entirely deserved. Don’t stop doing things just the way you always have.
    Julie recently posted..The White Album

    • Hey Julie – no worries there – no idea how to do it differently!!!

  • You’ve made my day with this photo. Honestly, you have. I love it.
    Stacey recently posted..self belief to go

    • Isn’t it an absolute classic. Man, I just piss myself laughing looking at them every single time. I was in the zone baby,

  • I love you. I would go so far as to say I heart you. You rocked the dance floor x
    Glowless recently posted..He Did What! Wednesday – By Life With A Fussy Eater

    • I have not hit the dance floor like that since… well, since ever actually. It was like I was full of Bloggerspirit.

  • Meeting you was one of my highlights. You are even more fabulous in the flesh.

    I am totally fangirling all over your blog.
    Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo recently posted..What happens at a blog conference full of emotional and then very drunk women- stays at a blog conference full of very emotional and then very drunk women

  • Jeez we had a laugh..not sure what about but I know it was funny xox

  • How I LOVE the pics of you grooving away.

    I agree with your sentiments on my blog – we didn’t get to hang out enough. I imagine we would laugh a LOT together, hon.

    Jodie at Mummy Mayhem recently posted..Being Me – A little on Blogging Authentically

  • Those were some awesome moves and that photo just kills me every time I see it!

    And a 1000 hits?? Whoa! You go girl!
    Dorothy recently posted..Project 2011 – On being a sole parent

  • I’m so, so sad I missed that Footloose action. I once dreamed of dancing down the aisle of my wedding to Footloose.
    Corinne recently posted..Racy frocks

    • You missed it? Oh man, that’s like a 1 in 100 year event. I’m sure it had something to do with the earth being so close to the earth. Or something. Nothing to do with the champagne. Nothing at all.

  • I agree with Mrs Woog but also kind of can’t believe you’ve never had 1000 hits before – I just LOVE your blog!
    Louisa recently posted..30 Years Young