Big night in

Tuesday saw us at Oscar’s school – St Edmund’s – for its annual Big Night In.

This is an annual event when parents of the students meet with their child’s homeroom teacher to hear about the curriculum and various routines and other matters of classroom business.

Then there are two sessions when you can go and hear about what is happening in a specific subject area, be that technology, woodwork, work placement and so on.

Then there are drinks and nibbles and then a sit-down dinner with some speeches but really, just the chance to meet (in the instance of the Year 7 families for the first time) the other parents in the class and your child’s teacher in a less formal arena.

One family runs a mobile pizza business so they donated their services, another has a yoghurt business so they donated mini tubs of yoghurt for dessert while another parent sourced all the wine. Families brought in salads for each of the tables and other slices to go with tea and coffee.

Each table was decorated with balloons – Year 7 tables had purple, which seems so appropriate as it’s Oscar’s favourite colour.


I know you all know exactly what this night was like.


A night full of wonderful wonderful families, all basking in the knowledge of this remarkable treasure that is this school for their special kids. Families willing to give and give some more – be that time, be that their skills, be that whatever is needed – to ensure this remarkable place keeps on for children well into the future.


I can safely say I have never ever felt a part of something so special. The support I had from all of you through Oscar’s surgeries last year comes a very close second. In fact, probably equal billing. And actually it is a tie with the donations that have come in for Team Oscar.
I’ve been trying to write this post all week but you know what, I guess I just have no words. Just a deep deep gratitude, love, appreciation and absolute treasuring of what we have in our life.


No words. Just thanks.


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  • Alex

    Trying to think of something profound to say but I can’t … it really is those little things that make your heart burst with love that make it all worthwhile. Glad to hear that Oscar is enjoying school and it’s all working out.

  • FAB.U.LOUS!!!!!
    pixie recently posted..GF Taste test-quilting and critters

  • Linda

    so happy for you

    i can’t use PayPal (had a little tiff and told the bastards to shove it up their clacker) so will email you a request for your BSB and account number to do an EFT if that would be okay?

  • Paola

    I have only love to give to you and your beautiful boys and I have told you before how much I admire you.
    I’ll never tire to remind it to you.

  • Such a thing.
    blackbird recently posted..Survivor

  • Mrs Woog

    Wonderful stuff Kim and a great feeling I am sure x

  • Well thank you Kim, for sharing it all with us, with humour and insight.
    Julie recently posted..Biro- Crayon- Linen -Thread

  • Sometime no words speak louder than many.
    Love this blog. So glad I found you via AMB.
    Following you now!
    You can find me over at:

  • Wonderful. Just purely wonderful.

    Can I be selfish and be a little jealous?
    Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo recently posted..…and that’s terrible