So sorry for silence of late:

bit melancholy, new drug to help that.

looking at high schools for Felix, time consuming

Cuddling newborns, not long enough

Ferrying kids everywhere, exhausting


Now, off to my Dad and stepmother’s place for the weekend. Sunday will feature heritage train rides.


Of course it will.





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  • Hugs. Hope the trains are good for the soul.
    Tiff recently posted..A finding of peace

  • tc

    Heritage trains. Oh, fab. (and, as my eldest lad would say, ‘I mean that in the sarcastic way, you know’)
    tc recently posted..Living well

  • kind of decided after your heartfelt black dog post to post comments as frequently as possible without it getting creepy…
    good luck with the new meds, and the heritage trains. having all girls, those aspects of little kids have by-and-large passed me by.
    Julie recently posted..Unnerving

  • Paola

    Apparently new drug falls right in place then. Talk soon.

  • who knew picking schools could be so darned hard????
    pixie recently posted..Making me happy today………

  • Chin up!
    I’ve got my arm around your shoulder.
    blackbird recently posted..exporting video

  • see you soon I hope our Kim..when we battle over Billy Bob!

  • bb lies, she can’t reach your shoulder (hehe), her arm is around your waist and mine is around your shoulder.
    Eleanor recently posted..Oscars

  • My other arm is reaching for a cup of your chai tea.
    Eleanor recently posted..Oscars

  • Newborn available for cuddles here too 🙂 I am back home now and can access my email again so will be in touch to organise a time for the blog aunties to come visit.
    I hope the new drug kicks in soon and that you are back on top quickly.
    Amelia recently posted..Good Morning