In which I am cranky

Last week, for four days, my brand new fancy schmancy scales said I was 84 point something kilograms. Well I was happy dancing for the THREE days of that reality.
Then, just like that, the following day I weighed in and my brand new fancy schmancy scales said I was 88 point something.
There had been NO smug eating, NONE. No alcohol.
Just happiness.

Apparently happiness can weight FOUR FUCKING KILOS.

I wish I could say I was, character wise, a much bigger person than this but it has really knocked me. It is the starting point for my crankiness this week.
My running related niggling ‘issues’ are still present. Sore shins, the start of (MY FIRST if it is) a varicose vein (I AM MORTIFIED) that pains like buggery, a sore something up through the back of my left knee (the side of the vein ‘issue) which is also sore up the outer-side.

Yesterday I was talking to Chef about distances (he’s running 5kms!) and he asked how far I’d run on Monday. It was 8kms. And I said, that’s a lot isn’t it. He just shook his head at my idiocy.

My run on Wednesday was a right-off. My legs were like lead and my headspace was not much better. I walked most of the 5 point whatever I covered.

I didn’t go running this morning. Instead I shall go for a swim and do some laps – a first in close to a year. I figure maybe I need to cut my legs some slack and mix it up a bit.

At the moment I feel the 10kms is so close and yet just so so far.

Also trail running – where I want to go with my running, marathons hold no allure for me, but clambouring through the bush and up mountains and down valleys? Awesome.

There have been a couple of news reports of late which just piss me off. Stories which announce things like a low-allergy diet reduces the impact of ADHD – well DERR. Or the roll of fish-oil in depression – double DERR. I mean, this stuff is YEARS old.
There was an ‘incident’ with Oscar’s transport driver yesterday. I am shaken in a cranky way. MTC.