The only thing saving me from humidity-induced insanity

Three flavours:
Coconut Pineapple
Coconut Mango
Coconut Guava


Shake the box really well (there’s 10 perfectly sized packets in the box)
Tip the blocks into your freezer
They can take up to 15 hours to harden totally. But if you have them earlier, and they’re kinda slushie. Even better.

Seriously. Almost as effective as my Pristiq, fish oil, evening primrose, vitamin B regime for mental health goodness.

So not a sponsored post. But should be. Also – happily paid in lifetime supply of Smoozes. Any flavour but Felix loves the Coconut Mango and Jasper loves the Coconut Guava but that could simply be because the packet it pink.

I want the Coconut Pineapple to have those husky bits of pineapple in it, but that’s just me. I’m the one person in the universe who simply does not understand why you would want orange juice without the bits in it.

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  • Susan, Mum to Molly

    Yeah but where do you buy em??

    • Woollies, Coles, they’re generally on the bottom shelf near the ice-cream toppings are – near the Zooper Doopers.

      Oh – or Harris Farm if you have one of those, and I picked up all three varieties at Forestway Fruit World, but no idea where you are so that could be useless info for you!

  • OMG, those sound amazing. Unavailable here in the US, I’m assuming, ’cause if I’d even seen them I’d have been ALL OVER THEM.
    Kathy (formerly Badger) recently posted..Signs of spring

  • Von

    We’ve had 23 days in a row over 30-degrees. And humid. I think I need a Smooze.
    Your community service for the week, completed.
    Von recently posted..Spotted

  • dancingmorganmouse

    I’m with you on the orange juice with bits in, the bits are the best bits 🙂

  • Agree re: the bits in the juice.
    Also, my pregnant best friend is completely reliant on these at the moment to get her through her morning sickness. She loves them. I need to find them.
    Reemski recently posted..Fffffffar out it’s been hot and then cold…frappes and slushies

  • Fiona

    We love them too Kim! Harris farm sell them as well.