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so the Herald Sun ran this piece today:

Kevin Rudd averts Jacki Weaver Oscars Kerfuffle

AND the Oscar for Best Entertainment Diplomat goes to . . . Kevin Rudd.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs has emerged as an unlikely saviour for Australia’s Oscar hopeful Jacki Weaver.

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Animal Kingdom, she was facing Oscars night without her husband by her side due to a visa snafu.

Hubby Sean Taylor, a South African national but an Australian citizen, could not obtain a visa in time and seemed destined to watch next week’s Hollywood ceremony from their Sydney home.

Enter another actor, Rhys Muldoon, who with Mr Rudd wrote a children’s book, Jasper and Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle.

“I got an email from Jacki saying it looked as if Sean would be sitting in his tuxedo and watching the Oscars from their home in Redfern because of visa problems – which, obviously, she was really disappointed by,” Muldoon said yesterday.

“It looked as if he wouldn’t get his visa until two days after the Oscars . . . so I put in the call to Kevin,” he said.

It is believed Mr Rudd called contacts at the US embassy, and Mr Taylor’s visa was issued immediately.

“It all got sorted out very quickly,” Muldoon said.

“But that’s what friends are for, I suppose.”

Mr Rudd’s media adviser confirmed the former prime minister had used some of his diplomatic sway.

and yet a child, a NINE year old boy, Seena, ORPHANED after the horrendous Christmas Island Boat Tragedy is still in a detention centre?

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

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  • PHEW! Crisis averted ….. lucky KRudd could pull some strings. Fucks sake … makes me stabby. Why are politicians such weasels?? Bloody awesome post, Kim.
    edenland recently posted..Miss Heroin

  • I don’t even know what to say. Which in itself is unusual.
    Sooz recently posted..anticipating

  • Kristina Can Nearly

    Kevin is a true blue f**kwit. How he ever got Australians to vote for him is a joke. He even makes me look good in NSW, which, as you all know is a f**king disaster. Kevin needs to committee, a board, a focus group and the Security Council of the UN to decide how much milk he has in his tea. Why cant he f**king just make a decision and do it himself….oh, but he made a decision by himself about the mining tax…..and where did that get him. Enough said!

  • Linda

    australia keeps refugee children (including orphans, and for than matter any poor soul seeking refuge and a better life for themselves and their children) in indefinite detention (fucking unbelievable and indefensible)

    usa issues visa to australian citizen to attend Oscar
    Awards night with wife (…..?)

    so it seems that it is easier to get out of Oz than it is to get in…and it is way easier for an Australian citizen (by marriage or naturalisation or whatever) to get into the U S of A.

    like a replay of that comedy – yes minister – only this time “they” (insert name of either major party because both have had the opportunity to make changes when they had/have their turn in charge) are playing with the lives of children, orphans and adults who will carry the trauma of this for the rest of their lives.

    sorry for the rant, Kim, but at least your post has given me a kick in the arse and i give my word to write to my local member of parliament and make my disgust known.


  • Linda

    not sure if the link will work but i have kept my word and emailed my local member.

    stepping down off my box and going back into same now.