Pop Quiz

Q: If you know your daughter’s husband only has one day off this week and that day is the day that all four of their children are in the care of various education institutions would you:

a) avoid frequenting their downstairs abode as much as possible

b) if a) has not occurred to you and you see their bedroom door closed would you really knock on the door

c) knock on the closed bedroom door and ask if you can come in

d) knock on the closed bedroom door, ask if you can come in and then start coming in despite l.o.u.d. protestations?


ONWARD. Or maybe Giddyup?

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  • oh dear….the joys of living 3 generations under 1 roof!!!!
    Pixie recently posted..Hey Mr Postman

  • Sprung!
    rachelmp recently posted..Mayas Panda Bag

  • Jane

    Waitaminnit…..you have FOUR kids and you don’t yet have a LOCK on your door? (to keep your MOM out?!)

    I gave my husband a locking door knob as a Christmas present many years ago. 🙂

    Giggling. My husband came home from work for a quickie on Monday.

    • OH Jane Jane Jane. I’m TIRED. Suddenly I am feeling intense gratitude for my husband working an hour away.

  • Fe

    OMG! You treasure. On this, another SHITE family court day filled with nothing but CRAP for me…. you made me spit my drink and laugh out loud.

    And… as one who’s mother lives next door…. (((((hugs))))) xox
    Fe recently posted..Aaaaauuuugggghhhhh TEENAGERS!!

  • Fe

    I mean “whose”. My brain is fried.
    Fe recently posted..Aaaaauuuugggghhhhh TEENAGERS!!

  • Fi

    Oh NO!!!!!
    I haven’t been sprung by my parents since I was a teenager – and that was bad enough!!
    You poor things!
    Thanks for sharing though – gave me a giggle 🙂

  • Were I the mother in question I might stand outside the door and chat loudly. In fact, I may have actually done that.
    blackbird recently posted..what well be doing


      • LindaS

        OMG! She didn’t?!

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  • OH DUDE.
    Badger recently posted..Not yet But soon!

  • Paola

    Obviosuy you don’t know me. I would NEVER live above my daughter as I don’t live under my mom’s roof (which she repeatedly requested, yes Bb the apartment wher eyou stayed was my home in my mom’s head).
    Other than that you should have said at the top of your lungs …


    (which you probably did)

    “OOOOPS!” moment uh?

  • Paola

    that would be obviously …

  • Chubbylove

    Well,one thing I know is that for Barb this is a no brainer.

    We miss you,


  • Too funny You deserve a sainthood on so many levels for that one. Hey were you embarrassed?

  • BigBro

    You do realize that other members of your family read this from time to time! My head has officially exploded!

    • NO I DID NOT!!!!
      And that is freakin’ hilarious.

      Not a word has been spoken of it. NOT.A.WORD.

      And today she went for a coffee with a friend! Hah! Gotcha again.