OK, school’s back, here are the rules.

Dear Children,
I know the last six weeks have been bountiful in hot chips and McDonald’s and staying up late and getting up early and fighting with your siblings all day long but now school is back some things are going to change around here.

1. Absolutely NO xBox on weekdays.
2. Absolutely NO TV in the mornings.
3. Little fellas, get your ears around this new reality because it’s gonna hurt. You will be in your bedroom by 7pm. There will be stories and songs until 7.30pm. And then, THEN you will go to sleep. In your own bed. On your own. Suck it up sunshine.
4. Big fellas, well, big fellas, bed is still at 8pm. Seeing as Oscar is picked up by the school bus at 6:50am I see this being no drama for him whatsoever. Felix, you can get your stomp on but this is how it is.

And now, for me.
1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are running mornings. That is up at 5am and out the door. NO EXCUSES.
2. You must be up at 6am otherwise. You know anything later only results in mayhem and tears. Deal with.

For Chef and me.
1. From school home time and work home arrival it is Team Berry Time. That means no laptop time, no Twitter, no anything except each other and the kids. It’s all hands on deck, it’s meals, it’s stories, it’s bathing, it’s homework, it’s ugly but it’s all over at 8pm.

You have been warned.