My thoughts on Babel

1. Most annoying movie soundtrack ever.

2. Brad Pitt is still hot.

3. I never want to be in a crisis situation with a busload of American tourists.

4. I will never understand the cultural love of karaoke.

5. There’s one of those movie endings which you change in your head, thereby convincing yourself you’ve not seen all of the movie until it ends and you realiza no, you have seen it, it was just so dissatisfying the first time your brain tried to erase it.

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  • number 2. Times a bajillion.

    • when they finally get to a hospital, and he’s asking/telling the doctor she’s going to be OK – and then cries on the phone. Man, just makes me want to DO HIM. HARD.

  • I’ll take responsibility for making sure that #3 never occurs.
    blackbird recently posted..blackbirds two minute movie reviews

    • Now if you were on the bus. Or Badge, or Joke or BabelBabe, totally.different.story.