One of this years goals. Decision time.

So I’ve decided I’m going to get a tat. Hell, my hairdresser has a gagillion of them and she is one hot mamma so now I’m jogging and have legs that could snap a man’s neck such is their taughtness (shut up. So a word.) I can be a hot mamma too.

I can’t decide though. What do you think dudes,

This would totally work if I was an egg ‘n bacon kinda gal. But I’m much more of a granola fan or bircher or pancakes or French toast. Eggs and bacon not so much. I know I know, this gut didn’t get here without some serious commitment to food but bacon schmacon, it just doesn’t do it for me. Eggs, eggs I adore but not fried. Gag.

So then this could work, showing off the legs and all:

but that could just be misconstrued as being a smug hot-legged lady. And besides, that seems like a LOT of tattoo and all that work around the ankles I suspect would

I kinda like this idea:

Menacing. I like it. But still, not quite right. Besides, I am hideously accident prone when it comes to knives. Seriously, the nail on my left pointer is totally farked because I always slice half it off when rushing to cut stuff for dinner. Useless.

But then I found it, the perfect tat for me:

I’m sorry, but that is fucking awesome.

All images from Food & Ink website, go, be in awe.

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  • Lea

    So are you gonna do it?
    Lea recently posted..Kittehs


      I’ve pushed four kids out my vagina, I have no need to voluntarily experience excruciating pain.

  • Paola

    OMG, the KitchenAid is awesome.
    And I would NEVAH get a tat. Chills!
    Although they make you a HOT MOMMA indeed.

    • Wouldn’t it. But there’s no way I could. Ever.

  • I REALLY hate tatts.
    Frogdancer recently posted..Yesterday I ran amok

    • I totally hear you. I used to be exactly the same. Then I met Teah and Teah ROCKS her tats. I suddenly got the whole ‘it’s art!’ argument. But I’m screwing with you all. There’s no way ON EARTH I could/would get a tat.

  • dancingmorganmouse

    Get the vegie garden up the legs, that one is beautiful. I’m sure there’s a cream you can rub on that dulls the pain of the ink on ankles bit, sure of it!

    • Oh listen to you – the biggest most painful one!
      I’ll get it if you get it.

  • It hurts a lot less than pushing babies outta your vagina! Trust me i’ve done both 😉

  • Teah

    Ah thanks for the props! Tattoo away….I’ll even hold your hand! If done well they are VERY hot, just have a look at John! 😉

  • Did you know Oldest is a licensed tattoo artist? S’truth.

    I have one – not done by Oldest. Tiny. Hurt like labor. No shit.
    blackbird recently posted..I read Lucky magazine so you dont have to

  • Oh Blackbird, your family is really like an international clan of mystery

  • Thankfully, I’m Not A Bogan

    What tatt looks great when you are 60?? Even Ms Jolie’s tatts will look gross in 20-30 years time

  • Mr Duyvken has a tattoo on his upper arm, just a word, and he didn’t find it too bad but I think when you get to shading and colouring things in it would get a little intense. And I totally don’t believe that you won’t do it. Once people start thinking about it and browsing designs it’s a slippery slope! How about getting one of your favourite recipes written on you somewhere?
    Amelia recently posted..JOY

    • Now that would be cute. But the decision on which recipe could take years, which is kinda cool by me.

  • Linda

    question I posed to my young’uns when they told me they were going to get tattoos – “first consider if you could you live with the same hairstyle for the rest of your life?”

    reply from the youngest “you mean like Aunty C (who has had the same style for the last since she was 3 year old (seriously!)? Hell no! …but when I get my first recording contract I am so going to get the date tattooed on my chest!”

    I actually considered having a butterfly tattooed on my rump in my younger days – lucky I didn’t because by now it would have stretched so bloody far it would look more that a bat than a butterfly.

    Come on BB what and where?

  • chubbylove

    I have a couple of photos of an Angry Thomas The Farkin Tank Engine cake that you made a couple of years ago. I think I could also dig up a rocket penis cake you also made, if you wanted to go that way. Where would you place a rocket penis cake tattoo?


  • trash

    Hahahahaha – “stretched so bloody far it would look more that a bat than a butterfly” – Linda that is ace.

  • Elizabeth

    The husband and I both have tattoos … we would probably get more if we thought it wouldn’t be a green light for the kids getting lots of ink done at 18. Yes I can spell hypocrite lol.

  • Di

    They are impressive! So glad I read the categories before commenting…
    Di recently posted..snatching moments in the kitchen

  • I suggest the heels in my sidebar tattooed on your feet.

    Or my face on your butt. 😉

  • I just had a haircut today from a heavily tattooed mummy, fascinating art. My father was in the Navy so he has the whole fleet up his sleeves, none of we 4 children have had one, even my soldier husband is tattoo free. Like you, pushed 4 babies out of my body, i’m not volunteering for any more body abuse. Love Posie
    Posie Patchwork recently posted..last chance to bid on the Qld Flood Appeal auctions