Jamie Oliver’s 30-minute meal banoffee pie

OK, so this household is having a complete rejuvenated love affair with Jamie Oliver, the likes it has not seen since his Naked Chef days. I think it was seeing his hard slog in the US and how it knocked the wind out of his sails a bit that did it. It was cemented with his 20 Minute Meal iPhone app. Man I love that. Then there was his Christmas series which was just so quirky and lovely. And now, well now there is his 30 minute meal series (I’m gagging for the book because yeah, I really need another cookbook) and the whole household, well, me and Felix, are hooked.

The other night he made this awesome looking number involving salmon fillets, prawns and asparagus. Salmon fillets normally make me gag but I was all YUM about that. And then, THEN he made a quick banoffee pie.

Cue Felix badgering me for the last two days to go to the shops to buy the ingredients. And can I tell you – if you do use a store-bought pie crust, which we totally broke my religion and did, then this comes together in an absolute snap.

The filling is delightful – far less tooth-achingly sweet than pure pie-caramel and not over-powering in the banana department. An absolute winner.

Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meal Banoffee Pie

  • 1 store bought pie crust
  • 2 bananas
  • 100ml milk
  • 4 tbsp caster sugar
  • 300ml cream
  • 1 tbsp camp coffee
  • 2 bananas, extra
  • 100g block of dark chocolate
  1. Blitz the two bananas with the milk until well combined and smooth
  2. In a pan over high heat melt the caster sugar. Don’t stir it, just gently tilt as it melts to a dark caramel colour
  3. Add the banana milk mixture to the toffee, stirring until the toffee melts back into the bananas
  4. Pour into the pie case and freeze for 20 minutes (we didn’t need it to be within 30 minutes so just put it in the fridge)
  5. Whip the cream and then fold through the camp coffee essence so it leaves pretty swirls in the cream
  6. Slice the bananas and arrange over the pie filling, then spoon the cream over the top
  7. Place the chocolate bar on the benchtop, smooth side up. Scrape a sharp chef’s knife on a 45 degree angle across the chocolate towards you, making chocolate curls. Arrange over the top of the cream.
  8. Eat!

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  • what the heck is camp coffee????
    Pixie recently posted..some good……some bad………

    • I used the Bushell’s Coffee and Chicory Essence – it’s on the top shelf in the coffee section, next to other fake coffee stuff! It’s kind of thick sweetened coffee concentrate. Pretty nice actually.

      • tina

        I don’t drink coffee… From your knowledge is there anything i can use in place of coffee!? Would really like to make this bad boy!!;)

        • That camp coffee syrup stuff is dark, thick and syrupy. You need something similar… no idea though! Chocolate syrup would be too sweet and the wrong composition.

          • Irene

            How about some Tia Maria liquor?

          • Interesting idea, not sure if it’d split the mixture or maybe alter the liquid component and thereby affect it setting. Give it a go though a nd report back!

  • I see there’s a slice left for me.
    blackbird recently posted..The North Sea

  • Moiaussii

    Oh, I was drooling over the pics on twitter last night and went to bed dreaming of this pie.
    And look! You have put up the recipe!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    We are a little cyclical for our love of all things Jamie. He seems to be a winter favourite in our house for some reason…

  • Kezza

    Thanks soooooooo much for putting the recipe & ingredients here I have been hunting around for weeks for it !!!! Looking forward to making this delicious looking sweet :-). Thanks again !

    • my pleasure! It is an absolute winner and in fact, so much nicer than the original. (and probably a darn sight less bad for you!)

  • Ineke

    Hey there, looks amazing. Wondering if you can help me – may I ask where I can buy a ‘store bought pastry crust’ and the camp coffee? I’m in Sydney. Thanks so much – your help would be appreciated! Cheers, Ineke

    • Hey Ineke, you can buy a Tip Top pie crust from Woollies (not sure about Coles) in the cake section just near the bread. (ie not the cake mixes but the already made cakes) and the Camp Coffee is in a long tall bottle in the coffee section – normally on the top shelf.

  • denise

    melt the caster sugar? What with? will it melt into a liquid by itself?

    • Hey Denise, yep, by itself. It will caramelize in the pan so you’ve got to keep an eye on it, swirling the pan so it melts evenly (don’t stir).

  • Janet

    Hi, is it me or was Jamie calling it ‘Banocchi Pie’?
    My hubby was drooling all over the lounge when he watched this – Jamie is the only Chef that will hold his attention for that long…heh-heh very funny to see the look on his face watching. Jamie is so down to earth, love him!! Thanks Jamie, I will treat my sweet-tooffed-hubby with this.

    • Probably! I adore him – and this 30 minute meal series is a family favourite. While I significantly doubt any of us could pump out what he is in 30 minutes at least it gives us new ideas and ways of doing traditional favourites.

  • Romy

    Do you think that bananas can be substituted with different fruit, say apples for example?

    • Hey Romy – hmm, not sure. Maybe if it was softened? So pureed apple or stewed fruits?

  • christine armstrong

    Love your show ,and i am going to make the pie for my ladies luncheon on Sunday .I hope it turns out half as good as yours .Cheers

    • Ummm, while I WISH I had a show, I am merely the messenger here, having made it and loved it and reproduced it on my blog. Good luck all the same though!

  • Kam

    Can anyone please tell me how I can get the recipie for the salmon & prawn bake that Jamie cooked on the 30 min meals show the same night he did the banoffee pie (aired on channel 10 last sunday 29th May). Want to cook it tonight and i’m trying to remember what he did. Thanks

    • Gosh that was good wasn’t it. No idea I’m afraid short of buying his book (on top of my current wish list!) just keep googling it as someone might do as I have w/ the bannoffee pie.

  • Andrew

    I just caught the end of this show and was hoping you could help with the recipe for the salmon dish – it looked sensational.

  • hello every body^^
    well think you very much dear to post this recipe for us i have already done it.i just have a question; did the mixture(milk+banana) have a “bitter taste” or its just mine which have it!!?
    think you!!

  • don’t think so..they were ripe enough..?
    i had a very nice pie everything was perfect,there was just this aftertaste of bitterness in the mixture:-S..
    don’t know may be i’ll try to less caramelize the sugar..even if it was normally done..
    any way,think you very much!!

    • Tanisha

      My pie was a little bitter at first too. However, after sitting a day in the fridge it was perfect. I think the bananas and mix might have come together and “set” creating a bit more sweetness. I think my initial bitterness was caused by letting the sugar brown just a few seconds too long. If you did that as well then maybe we can deduce we both let it caramelize just a bit too long!

  • John Gosden

    Have never used a store bought pie shell – and they are not available here in Phuket, Thailand, but HOW BIG IS THE PIE? I can make it myself, but looking at the “ingrediments” cannot tell if it should be 7″, 8″,9″ or 10″

    • John, think it is an 8inch pie crust but will check for you. It is small, I will say that.

  • Love this! All my dinner guests love it too!

  • Sarah

    Why did my pie taste really bitter? was the sugar cooked for too long?

    • Weird. The sugar being over-cooked would be my guess too.

      • Just realised it could also be that your bananas were under-ripe/green.

    • so did mine!
      fifi recently posted..In which the fish returns to the sea

      • Marygee

        Mine was really bitter too and the caramel banana misture didn’t look as dark as the picture in the book so i don’t think I overcooked it

  • Jude Dickson

    Camp coffee made me laugh…I had a Priscilla Queen of the Desert flashback. Transvestite coffee… that’ll be hard to miss at Woolies…. 😉

    • Love it. It’d play to all those people scared about gay marriage – they’d be all, ‘see, SEEEE – now they’re producing their OWN beverages! OH THE HUMANITY!’

  • Terayz

    Hi! I made the banana and milk mixture, melted the caster sugar and accidentally added the sugar to the banana/milk (rather than adding the banana/milk to the caster sugar- If you understand me.) I poured it in fast and stirred as soon as I could, but the toffee seized up on me and I ended up with clumps of toffee in the banana/milk mixture. (I’ve never had experience with cooking toffee before) So I thought that perhaps adding the hot to the cold would be what seized it up; so I made it all again and added the cold mixture to the hot melted sugar- like the recipe suggested- I mixed it fast too… but it seized up on me again! Is this what happened to everyone else? I thought that the sugar was meant to stay a liquid and swirl into the banana/milk. Obviously not. If you have been patient enough to read my ramble and have any pointers I would be very glad to hear them…I can’t wait to taste this pie!

    • No no no – you’re doing it all OK – the toffee is going to seize regardless of what you do because it’s so blindingly hot and you’re adding a not blindingly hot mixture to it – you just keep stirring it over heat until the toffee melts back into the banana milk mixture. Bear in mind it’s not the prettiest of looking mixes!

      • My problem’s the same! I watched the 30 minute meal (German translation) again and again. Jamie’s German voice said: “add the banana milk and stir, stir, stir … after 20 seconds, the sugar melts again and it will get smooth” But even after 2-3 minutes I had sugar-stones swimming in banana milk. What’s wrong? The temperature? Bad translation (and the sugar needs 5 minutes?)?

  • Terayz

    UH HUH! Now I get it! You’ve really helped me out – thank you! I was kind of scared when it started seizing up on me… So the upshot of it all is…keep heating it and it will melt in. Good! I will do that next time. Is it okay to heat the sugar on a lower heat or not? Thanks again!

  • ha ha hA I just googled “jamie oliver banoffee pie recipe doesnt work, and this is where I was directed!!!

    it was disgusting and I had FOUR tries! Ditched the banana milk toffee bit in the end. tasted like bitter GRASS clippings.
    fifi recently posted..In which the fish returns to the sea

    • FOUR! I have no idea dude. Maybe the bananas weren’t ripe enough? or you didn’t let it remix together long enough? Or I don’t know. Hate that though, it sounds like me and macarons – three tries and they’re out. Have never ever worked for me. Ever.

  • amanda

    made the caramel twice, and gotta say it tasted gross! tasted burnt and horrible, home made toffee or caramel is gross, was bitter and and not sweet, just yuk!

    • Noooo! There are quite a few who say the caramel hasn’t worked for them and I’m afraid I’ve got no answers. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the ripeness of the bananas? I remember when we first made it I thought it was a disaster but kept stirring and it came together. Who knows.

  • jamie Oo

    Toffee mixture was bitter here too. Used the Bushells coffee mix as well. Looked on other websites and the coffee mixed into the cream isnt used.

  • Corinne

    Thankk you so much!
    I finally found the recipe for this delicious pie! 🙂

  • Hey thanks for putting up this recipe! His recipes are great but most of the time I don’t manage to write down the recipe 😉

    I’m really in the mood to make this pie. Bought the pie crust already, just missing that coffee sauce. Do you think I could use something else instead, maybe caramel sauce??

    monamdd recently posted..Be proud of who you are! Only then others will appreciate you!

    • hmm, not sure – it could work but don’t hold me to it!

  • so I came to comment on another post and saw this and was all OMG WHAT IS THIS THING THAT I MUST SHOVE INTO MY FACE IMMEDIATELY.

    You are totally making this for me the second I move in. Deal?
    kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..Fact 1: Nerf gun bullets survive intact after travelling through the digestive system.

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  • Hello allconsuming,

    Today, I used your post for my youtube-show “Back kein Kack”. It is a german selfmade-backery-show where I try for the first time some recipes. 1st: my english is more than bad. 2nd: this was the biggest failure I ever had! 🙂
    Back kein Kack is based on my tries who always ends in a desaster, filled with misschances.
    I only can say: the queen would not be amused!
    Maybe you wanna see the video what I will post next week, even if you understand no word (german), there are no words needed. Just watch my scary faces and you will understand 🙂
    I wish you a great time nd send you some greetings from Switzerland, Laurence
    Laurence recently posted..Back Projekt 6: Jamie Oliver’s Banoffee pie

    • Laurence – hello! That is hilarious! This recipe seems to be very hit or miss for people. I’ve made it three times and its always worked but for every one of my successes there seems to be many failures. Can’t wait to see it!

  • saaki

    hi guys
    this is for all those out there who had troubel with making the banana caramel
    here are my two tips to get a win on making the caramel the ‘jamie 30 min way’
    1 . when u add the banana milk to the caramel dont worry that the carmel crystallizes and dosent mix through its supposed to be that way. In the original vedio jamie only ripples it with bits of toffee in between creamy banana . If you want to keep stirring till the cramel dissolves be my guest but thats the tricky bit . Me i love the ripple look of the pie plus tasts great to me
    2. And here is my cheat . I buy one can of ready made nestle condensed milk caramel and warm half the can slightly in microwave( not the can just the caramel). I then blitz 2 banana’s with milk as per the recepie pour it in a nonstick pan on low heat pour in the warm caramel and stir on low heat until combined . Not only do you get a beautifull brown colour but it works every time . You could ofcourse add more of the tinned caramel if u like it sweeter
    good luck guys fingers crossed itll work for you

    • Saaki – awesome tips and tricks. Love your work! xK

  • saaki

    thanks hope it works . bye the way love ur pic mouthwatering at first glance .

  • I haven’t actually tried this yet (REALLY want to), but regarding the “camp coffee”, which I have also never heard of: You know what I think would be really good instead? Vanilla paste. (You know the really thick stuff in the little tub?) Obviously it wouldn’t have the same coffee flavour, but I think it would still be yummy as an alternative… just a thought…
    Sugary Flower recently posted..Buzzy Bee Bento

    • I think you’re right there, it definitely has a similar consistency. My only niggling doubt would be the weird bitter sweetness that comes from it. In Australia it’s in the coffee section generally on the top shelf, near the coffeemate type products.

  • Hej 🙂 Now the VIDEO of my desaster-bakery is online. I hope you understand german, then you will laugh very much! because i mostly dont understand the englisch in the recepee 🙂 so you can see, what happens, when a swiss woman tries your recepee 🙂 Cheers, Laurence

    Laurence from Back kein Kack! Blog recently posted..Back Projekt 9: englischer apple pie bzw. Apfel-Banane-Schoko-Strudel

    • Ben in Connecticut

      Loved the video. Your English is a bit rough, but regardless of how your pie turned out, you are very cute. The Swiss Julie Roberts, I think.

  • I used (yet another) banana in the cream… yummilicious!!

  • Maria

    Hi Saaki, is condensed milk ‘caramel’ a separate product by itself or do you mean condensed milk itself?

    • In Australia you can buy a tin of sweetened condensed milk or a tin of pie caramel – which you can make yourself by boiling a tin of sweetened condensed milk for two hours. (make sure the water always stays above the can!)

    • Meryl

      You can boil condensed milk for 1 1/2 hours in a pot of water it will turn to caramel .. Be careful not to let it go dry keep adding hot water to the pot. Wait until about 30 minutes before you open the can after you take it out of the water .

  • Ben in Connecticut

    Thank you for publishing this recipe. i’ve seen Jaime make it (twice) while i sweated on the treadmill. Just finished making this, with what I think was success. I’ll let you know after we eat it at midnight tonight!

    • Fantastic! Hope it went well and happy new year to you.

      • Ben in Connecticut

        It was a hit! Your directions were perfect and my guests loved the pie. Happy New Year to you, too!

  • Natalia

    I just made the caramel and it was an absolute success!!
    So quick and easy to do aswell

  • K

    I made this over the weekend and it turned out great!

    I was so paranoid making the banana toffee as:

    a) I have never caramelised sugar before and was afraid for my frypan (dark base makes it hard to see what the sugar is doing colour-wise); and

    b) I was concerned by so many above commenters having odd bitter results.

    Well, fears aside, it was fine. And so easy! The caramel and banana/milk mix came together really quickly (didn’t even need to combine over heat – the residual heat from the caramel was sufficient) and it wasn’t bitter at all.

    My guinea pigs (friends we were dining with) were very impressed. I was also much lighter on the palate and stomach than expected. I thought I’d be rolling home but it was lovely. Highly recommend!

    As a random aside: apparently condensed milk caramel is called dulce de leche. Sounds fancy.

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  • Tyler Goldberg

    Can this be made 2-3 hours in advance? would you just keep it in the freezer or fridge?

  • Tyler Goldberg

    Can this be made 2-3 hours in advance? Would you keep it in the fridge or freezer?